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Our UniMentor program is available to assist undergraduate and postgraduate students by linking them with a mentor who can provide them with a support network whilst settling into their studies.

  1. The program
  2. Why you should join
  3. Making the most of UniMentor
  4. Your role
  5. Signing up

The program

UniMentor is a university-wide program that aims to assist you in adjusting to university life by providing you with the opportunity to be matched with mentors who can answer your questions. Your mentors are students in their second year of their studies or above, studying the same or a similar course to you. UniMentor is available for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

As part of the program, you will meet with your mentor in a small group of commencing students (mentees) from your faculty and if possible from the same area of study at a facilitated UniMentor event. This group can meet regularly during semester – at times which you organise together – to socialise and discuss issues that may be concerning you. Contact can also take place by telephone, social media or email if you prefer.

Why you should join

Here are six good reasons why you should join:

  1. You will get all the inside information from your mentor about how things happen around uni and your faculty.
  2. You will meet a more experienced student who has ‘been there and done that’. They know how you feel and are here to help you adjust to University life.
  3. You will meet other new students who are doing your course.
  4. Your mentor will be a point of contact for any questions or problems you might have.
  5. You will be a part of a great scheme that can offer you support now and in the future.
  6. You will be able to participate in UniMentor social activities, events and excursions.

When and how does matching occur?

  • Prior to Orientation/your arrival at UWA - via email
  • During Orientation Week - at facilitated in-person link-ups, social events or via email
  • After Orientation Week - via email

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Making the most of your UniMentor

Most of you will meet your UniMentor for the first time during O-Week. At your first meeting, you and your mentor will establish the best method of further contact which may be a mix of in person, phone, social media and email correspondence.

If you are unable to attend orientation or if you are a PhD student arriving outside regular semester start dates, a mentor can still be assigned to you to ensure you have a smooth transition in your first few weeks. We can organise a mentor to meet with you, show you around the campus and ensure you have completed all of the key activities that are required in the first few weeks.

In most cases students and mentors maintain contact until the end of your first semester/12 weeks of study, or until a point when you feel you are settled.

A mentor can be useful for:

  • understanding uni, how it works, how to get things done
  • knowing where to go when you need help
  • helping to structure your time and manage your workload
  • balancing study, work and personal aspects of your life
  • broadening your networks
  • increasing your understanding of the unwritten rules
  • teaching you the 'hidden knowledge'
  • building your confidence and skills.

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Your role

As a mentee you should:

  • make sure your mentor has your up to date contact details
  • maintain contact with your mentor
  • discuss your expectations with your mentor
  • be flexible
  • make an effort to attend group meetings
  • provide feedback to your mentor regarding your experience of the program
  • inform your mentor when you are settled in to uni and you no longer need their help.

Signing up for a mentor

All commencing students have the opportunity to be assigned a UniMentor. You will meet your mentor as part of your orientation activities or when you first arrive at UWA. The contact with your mentor can be maintained for as little as six weeks or until the end of your first semester/12 weeks of study at UWA.

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