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We offer a campus-wide orientation program each semester for new students, activities and resources to ease the transition into your new surroundings, as well as in-person advice and support about all the issues you may face as a new student at UWA.

Semester One, 2020, Orientation Week: Monday 17 February - Friday 21 February

  1. What Orientation is all about
  2. What happens during Orientation
  3. Why attend
  4. Student Transition Advisers
  5. Supporting you during your time at UWA

What Orientation is all about

Starting university is an exciting, challenging and sometimes confusing time.

It involves meeting lots of new and varied people, changing your lifestyle, getting used to a new environment and learning new things in new ways. It's a challenging time – whether you're making the move from high school, returning to study as a mature age student or continuing your studies.

Orientation is designed to make this transition a lot easier. It gives you the chance to meet people and become familiar with the campus and key academic staff according to your area of study.

A comprehensive orientation program is provided that covers academic course information, support and services available to students, information about technology and student life. A physical orientation to the campus and key support areas is provided to students.

You have the opportunity to attend key activities according to your area of study or degree-specific major on particular days during the week – and can attend general information sessions regarding student life and supports on any day you choose.

During Orientation you'll be able to sort out any problems, make sense of your timetable and get answers to your questions about how things work here. Our aim is for you to feel confident about being a UWA student and starting classes.You will have core activities that will be very important to attend and details of these can be found on the UniStart website.

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What happens during Orientation

During O-Week you are required to attend all activities according to your degree and these are outlined on the UniStart website.

As a commencing student, you will be officially welcomed to the University by the Vice Chancellor, Guild President and a Noongar representative at the Welcome Ceremony.

During Orientation Week you will also attend Faculty activities to help you settle in to your Faculty,  introduce you to academic staff and provide important information about your studies.

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Why attend

If you are a new undergraduate or postgraduate student, it is important that you don't miss Orientation.

Orientation varies for every student according to your area of study or degree-specific major. To assist you in deciding the sessions to attend during Orientation, we provide suggested activities on the UniStart website. Follow the steps to the orientation section and log in – this will provide you with a personalised program with specific event information and advice about what you need to attend.

The University expects all new students to attend and take part in orientation activities.

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Student Transition Advisers

Our Student Transition Advisers are passionate about making sure everyone feels welcome and provides ongoing support to students.

How we can help you:

  • Course advice and unit selection
  • Timetabling
  • Advice on settling into Perth and UWA
  • Referrals to UWA Services
  • UniMentor Peer Mentoring Program
  • Airport Pick-up Service
  • Orientation
  • Social events and excursions
  • and much more!  

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the friendly Transition team via askUWA or by emailing

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Supporting you during your time at UWA

The Student Transition Advisers and the Manager, Transition Services with within a dedicated team of people who know about transition and understand the issues you may face.


  • provide advice and support for students enrolling in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework courses
  • link you to people who can help you with the things you need
  • provide advice about issues that concern you and help you gather information you need to make an informed decision
  • assist you with timetable clashes and online class registration.

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