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CHEM1003 Resources

This page contains various resources (videos, notes, exercises, handouts) you might find useful for the mathematical aspects this unit.

If the topic you want is not on this list, please let us know. We are always adding new resources, so email your request to

You can still get help now. Just bring your lecture notes, workings or other unit resources to a Maths Drop-in Study Session and ask one of our friendly advisors.

Resources for maths concepts used in CHEM1003 

Presentation slides from a (ma+hs)Smart workshop with two parts.

Part 1: skills tested in the Maths Review Quiz (inc. scientific notation, algebra, logarithms). 

Part 2: applications of these skills to SI Unit conversions, molar mass, concentrations, and dilutions.

See the workshop timetable to find out if this session is running this semester. 

The slides are reasonably self-explanatory so feel free to click through them.

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