Communication and Research Skills (CARS)

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CARS (Communication and Research Skills) is an online unit which assists UWA students to develop basic communication and research skills in an academic context.

Students enrolled in this unit will find it in their LMS. A score of 80% across the four quizzes is required to successfully complete the unit. To see when you need to complete CARS, go to Due dates for CARS or check in the LMS. Each module in CARS will take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Students and visitors who are not enrolled in CARS can access these modules any time.


There are four modules in the CARS unit:

1. Starting your assessment and finding evidence - Understand the University’s academic expectations as you begin your studies.2. Writing your assessment - Learn about different assessment types and how to correctly structure your assessments.
3. Delivering your oral presentation - Learn about planning, designing and delivering your oral presentations. 4. Working in teams - Work effectively in a team by getting your team started, determining roles within the team, and resolving any issues that may arise within teams.


The CARS toolkits bring together the tools and guides featured throughout the CARS modules. You can browse, bookmark and print the tools and guides across the CARS unit or jump to a specific module to help you get started on specific assessments or tasks.

UWA Unit Coordinators can download the PDFs below to embed the CARS Toolkits in their LMS units.

Starting Your Assessment and Finding Evidence Toolkit

Module 1 Toolkit icon

Tools to get you started for planning your assessment
Avoiding procrastination
Managing stress
Effective time management & Assignment date calculator
Mind Mapping

Finding resources for your assessment
Getting started using OneSearch
Composing a search in OneSearch
Unit Readings

Advice for evaluating information before using it in your assessments

Evaluating information and fake news
Google and Google Scholar Survival Guide

How to reference in your assessment
Referencing at UWA Guide

Delivering Your Oral Presentation Toolkit

Module 3 Toolkit icon

Tips for managing nerves and presenting

Preparing for tutorial
Make the most of tutorials - understanding tutorials, speaking in tutorials

Oral presentations
Presenting to an audience
Managing presentation nerves

Working in Teams Toolkit

Module 4 Toolkit icon

Tips for working in teams and tackling group assessments

Working in groups
Booking a group study room
How to work in teams
Student collaboration tools

CARS Toolkit M1 [PDF, 2.3 MB]
Updated 22 Feb 2019

CARS Toolkit M2 [PDF, 2.3 MB]
Updated 21 Aug 2019

CARS Toolkit M3 [PDF, 1.7 MB]
Updated 21 Aug 2019

CARS Toolkit M4 [PDF, 1.6 MB]
Updated 22 Feb 2019

Technical information

Internet browsers:

The recommended browsers for best CARS performance are Chrome and Firefox. The modules work with mobile devices but the best experience will be on a desktop computer.

Guide for screen reader users:

Please disregard the embedded instructions in the player as they are inaccurate. The slides will not read automatically and the Form Fields are incomplete and misleading, please Tab through the content on the slides. To make selections, press spacebar (not the up or down keys).

Technical support:

If any of the activities don't seem to be working properly, try another browser. You can also report the issue online to AskUWA.



Need help?

askUWA has an in-depth list of FAQs about CARS.  You can also “Ask a Question” if you need more help.

StudySmarter offers a range of workshops, drop-in sessions and online resources to help get more out of your study.

The University Library provides guides that can help with your research and study skills.

CARS is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike Licence