Current Students


Respect intellectual property

Intellectual property is something that has been created by a human mind. If you create something original, whether that is a piece of writing, a creative work,  software or a computer program, a product, an invention or another form of original creation, the intellectual rights to that creation belong to you. Intellectual property rights are important to ensure that original ideas and creations are protected by law.

The University has a Policy for Intellectual Property which outlines the guidelines to the rights and protections of intellectual property within the University setting. This tutorial will familiarise you with some of the basics of intellectual property and help you comply with the University's Appropriate Use of IT Systems.


By the end of this tutorial you should be able to:

  • Differentiate between different forms of intellectual property
  • Interpret copyright rules for use of print and electronic materials for research and study purposes
  • Overcome common hurdles when using or sharing online information