Academic conduct

The University strongly supports teaching and learning that promotes academic literacy and ethical scholarship.

What is the University's policy on academic conduct?

The University Policy on: Academic Conduct: Ethical Scholarship, Academic Literacy and Academic Misconduct will assist faculty and other staff in teaching and supervision roles to understand the academic conduct expected of students. The policy discusses ethical scholarship, academic literacy and academic misconduct.

What is academic literacy?

Academic literacy is the capacity to undertake study and research and to communicate findings and knowledge, in ways that reflect the disciplinary conventions and scholarly standards required at University level.

Academic literacy and ethical scholarship are core generic as well as discipline-specific skills, whose exploration and development will best equip students to engage most effectively in high-level scholarship and research during their study at the University and beyond.

What is ethical scholarship?

Ethical scholarship refers to the pursuit of scholarly enquiry framed by honesty and integrity. It may be seen as an individual core value and also as part of a broader collective commitment to maintain and extend the University’s robust, defensible educational standards.

How do they relate to academic misconduct?

Minimising academic misconduct (including plagiarism and other forms of cheating) is an important part of the University's commitment to extend positive educational approaches among students. We believe that success in promoting ethical scholarship and developing skills in academic literacy will help reduce any instances of academic misconduct.

The University is keen to maintain an educational environment that is marked by equity and transparency for all students. It therefore has a clear policy relating to student academic misconduct. Students and staff should inform themselves about this policy and their associated rights and responsibilities whenever instances of academic misconduct occur.

Resources available to support students and staff

As well as a Policy on Academic Conduct: Ethical Scholarship, Academic Literacy and Academic Misconduct, a range of resources relating to academic literacy and ethical scholarship are useful for students and staff.