What's acceptable?

Which of these are acceptable levels of help?


  1. Getting someone to take notes for you in lectures
  2. Using people's ideas from an online discussion board in your own work
  3. Asking your tutor to grade your work before you submit it
  4. Asking your lab supervisor about how to use laboratory equipment


  1. Employing an editor while you are an undergraduate student
  2. Asking a friend to edit your Masters by Coursework assignments
  3. Employing an editor to help with your thesis as a Higher Degree by Research student
  4. Getting feedback from Learning Skills Advisors/Graduate Education Officers


  1. Asking a librarian to suggest resources to use in your bibliography
  2. Using an online plagiarism checker like Turnitin
  3. Using the references provided in your unit outline for assignments
  4. Using all the same references as your friend


  • Studying: 1 and 4
  • Editing: 3 and 4
  • Referencing: 2 and 3