Effective practices: video transcript

Lisa: So this is the final ACE tutorial. There are just a few more things that you need to know so that you can put into practice what you've learned so far.

Text on screen: Associate Professor Peter Hammond, Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Science.

Peter: My name's Peter Hammond. I'm the Academic Conduct Adviser in the Faculty of Science.

Lisa: And my name's Lisa Cluett. I manage the UWA StudySmarter team.

Text on screen: Dr Lisa Cluett, Team Leader, StudySmarter

Lisa: Our team is there to help all students develop good study and research techniques, which means that applying ethical scholarship at uni can be easy.

Peter: Each faculty and school has an Academic Conduct Adviser. We see students when there are alleged cases of academic misconduct, such as plagiarism, collusion, and cheating. It's really important that students learn how to manage their time, information, and study, and know where to get help when they need it.

Lisa: This last tutorial will help you develop good study and research practices, so that you can be prepared for all kinds of situations.