Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE)

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  • Due dates for ACE
  • Academic conduct adviser
  • Learning Management System (LMS)

Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE) is an online unit for all commencing UWA students. It introduces the basics of ethical scholarship and the expectations of correct academic conduct at UWA.

All students enrolled in a UWA course are required to complete ACE. The unit is available through the Learning Management System using your Pheme account.

The ACE modules cover:

Students enrolled in this unit will find it their LMS. A score of 80% across the four quizzes is required to successfully complete the unit. To see when you need to complete ACE, go to Due dates for ACE or check in your LMS.

UWA staff and students who are not enrolled in ACE can access these modules anytime by self-enrolling in the unit. To self-enrol:

  1. Navigate to the Community section in LMS
  2. Do an Organisation Search for ‘Academic Conduct Essentials - Open’
  3. Click the arrow next to the unit ID and select ‘Enrol’.
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Some of the many student responses…

I learned:
"How to reference correctly..."
"how to study and research effectively..."
"Corrected misconceptions I had about citations..."
"Some good study tips..."
"Ethical scholarship and time management..."
"The difference between collaboration and collusion..."
"Every module is helpful..."

HELP YOURSELF! Complete ACE early in Semester!


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Students should consult with their lecturer or tutor regarding specific requirements for their units.