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Course withdrawal

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As an international student at UWA, you are bound by the UWA International Centre's Refund Policy.

If you withdraw, your eligibility for refunds or liability for tuition and other payments to UWA is determined by this policy, and is separate from your obligation to repay your financial aid.

If you withdraw from your course, drop out, are expelled, or go on unapproved leave of absence in the first 60 per cent of a payment period, both you and UWA will have to repay a portion of the Federal Aid.

The amount that must be repaid is worked out pro rata based on your withdrawal date (see below). The requirements for the treatment of FFEL funds when a student withdraws are available from the US Federal Student Aid site.

Your withdrawal date

Official notification provided

If you wish to withdraw completely from your course, you should first discuss your decision with the International Student Adviser at the International Centre. This is essential so that you understand fully UWA's refund policy and the implications for your visa of withdrawing.

If you decide to proceed with your withdrawal, the date you informed UWA orally or in writing will be your withdrawal date for the purpose of calculating loan refunds.

Official notification not provided

If you do not provide official notification of your withdrawal, UWA must make a decision on the withdrawal date to calculate the return of FFEL funds.

If notice was not provided because of circumstances beyond your control, the withdrawal date will be the date of the circumstance. For other reasons, the withdrawal date will be the midpoint of the payment period.