Current Students

Leaving your accommodation

Currie Hall

You need to plan your departure from your Perth home.

Rented accommodation

  • Notify your landlord in writing of your intention to leave. Check your lease to confirm the required time for notification.
  • Check your lease for other obligations, such as leaving your property in a clean state ready for inspection by your landlord or real estate agent.
  • Allow time for your bond money to be returned to you and for you to return all keys.
  • Cancel contents insurance and enquire about a pro-rata refund.

Residential colleges


  • You may be able to sell your furniture before you leave.
  • Notices could be put up around the university for newly-arrived students, or you could sell them to second-hand stores if they are still in good condition.
  • Plan to sell your items at least one month before you leave, if advertising for sale in a local paper.
  • Most charities will accept donations of furniture, clothing and kitchen goods if they are in good condition.