Current Students

Financial matters

Allow enough time to pay off your debts and apply for refunds.

Clear your debts

  • Settle all accounts up to the date you leave, such as electricity, water, gas.
  • Ensure that any university fees and fines, such as library or amenities fees, have been paid.
  • Close your Australian bank account if you need to, but keep access to some cash for your trip home.

Health cover refunds

If you think you are due a refund on your Overseas Student Health Cover (for example, if you are finishing earlier than expected) contact your health cover provider. You will need to provide evidence of your departure.

Tax returns

The Australian taxation financial year ends on 30 June each year. Returns need to be lodged by the end of October.

Lodging an early taxation return

The Australian Taxation Office considers international students that have been here for less than six months to be ‘non-residents’ and you can lodge a tax return early if you are leaving Australia permanently and will no longer derive Australian-sourced income (excluding interest, dividend and royalty income).

If you are here for longer than six months, you can lodge an early return if you:

  • are leaving Australia
  • are ceasing to be a resident of Australia for tax purposes
  • will no longer derive Australian sourced income (excluding interest, dividend and royalty income).

Lodging a taxation return may allow you to receive a tax refund payment.


You may have accumulated superannuation benefits while you have been working in Australia. Contact your superannuation fund to ask about a refund.

Tourist tax refund scheme

The tourist tax refund scheme enables you to claim a refund, subject to certain conditions, of the goods and services tax (GST) and wine equalisation tax (WET) that you pay on goods you buy in Australia.