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Please accept our congratulations: if you are reading this, it is likely you have completed, or are about to complete, your course. To receive your award certificate from the University you are required to apply to graduate.

You can either receive your certificate at a Graduation Ceremony, held in Winthrop Hall on the Crawley campus in Perth, or apply to graduate in absentia and have your certificate mailed to you.

The University will take no action to process your award until you have applied to graduate via the online process in studentConnect by the appropriate closing date. Please do not wait for the release of your final results or thesis examination.

According to university rules, however, UWA may confer your award in absentia if you fail to apply to graduate within two years of completing your course. If your award is conferred in absentia, you will not be allowed to attend a future graduation ceremony for that award.

Please note that the date printed on your certificate will be the date your award was conferred, not the date you completed your course. Your graduation date cannot be backdated to your completion date.

Conferment Dates

A calendar of Graduation Ceremonies and Senate Conferrals is available here.

How you can graduate

You can choose to attend a graduation ceremony or have your award conferred in your absence.

Closing dates

If you wish to attend a graduation ceremony, complete the online application process by the given deadline that appears on the graduation website. Each round of graduations has a clear deadline, if you miss it and you still wish to attend a ceremony, your application will be moved to the next graduation round.

  • December 2019 Graduation Ceremonies:  Online applications will open 29 August 2019, and close 25 September 2019.
  • July 2020 Graduation Ceremonies:  Online applications will open 25 March 2020, and close 22 April 2020.

If you wish to graduate in absentia you do not need to wait for a graduation round to obtain your certificate. You can graduate at one of the Senate Conferrals meetings. To be considered, complete the online application process by the given deadline and, if you have completed your course requirements, you will be allocated to the next available Senate Conferral.

  • Senate Conferment dates:  The Senate meets monthly from February to November. Please apply by the relevant deadline.

Applying to graduate

To receive your award certificate you are required to apply to graduate.

Completing your course

To be eligible to graduate you are required to complete the requirements of your course.

Attending a Graduation Ceremony

A Graduation Ceremony is a formal event involving the presentation of degrees, diplomas and certificates, speeches by dignitaries and musical recitals.

Academic dress

All graduands are required to wear academic regalia to their ceremony. Academic dress may be hired or purchased.

Photography, framing and DVD services

The University’s official graduation photographers, framers and videographers are present at all graduation ceremonies.

Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement

An Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement is issued to all UWA students upon graduation.

Dignitary photographs

Our dignitary photo galleries provide an insight into recent graduation ceremonies.

After graduating

Access your studentConnect and email account up to 12 months after you have graduated.

Keep in touch with the University and other graduates via Convocation - the UWA Graduates Association and Alumni Relations.

Award verification service

This searchable database of graduates from The University of Western Australia displays qualifications received by a student and the date of graduation or conferral.

My eQuals

From the July 2018 round of Graduations, graduates will receive their original hard copy award certificate (testamur) at their ceremony (or posted if selected in-absentia); as well as access to certified digital copies of their award certificate and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) via My eQuals.

For more information about My eQuals, have a look at our FAQs on askUWA!

Replacement and True Copy award certificates

You can obtain a replacement award certificate if the original has been lost, damaged or destroyed. You can also obtain one True Copy of your award certificate.


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