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Applying to graduate and confirming your attendance

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Conferment dates

To become a graduate and receive your award certificate you must first apply for conferral of your award by completing your online application to graduate and confirm attendance.


  1. Complete your application to graduate
  2. Check your graduation details in studentConnect
  3. Confirm your attendance

When can I apply to graduate

When you enrolled or re-enrolled at the start of the year you were asked to indicate when you will be completing your course, your nominated completion date. If you indicated: 

  • end 2019, you would expect an invitation to apply to graduate in September 2019 (applications close 3 October 2019)
  • mid 2020, you would expect to receive an email invitation to apply to graduate in late March 2020 (applications close 22 April 2020) 

If you do not receive an email in September or March respectively, you can contact the Graduations Team via ‘Email Us' in askUWA.

If you are a PhD and master by research student you will need to contact the Graduation Team via ‘Email Us' in askUWA once your thesis has been classified as 'passed' or 'passed subject to correction'.

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Complete your application to graduate

You will receive step by step instructions for how to complete your application to graduate in studentConnect in an email invitation from the Graduations Team.

Your application will include: 

Confirming your address

If your contact details change at any time please update them via studentConnect. If you have any problems contact us via askUWA.

Your semester address can be updated at any time, and will ensure we are able to contact you. 

Administrative encumbrances and outstanding debts

If you have any outstanding fees or fines, you won't be able to graduate. It is important that you clear all administrative encumbrances prior to applying to graduate. An administrative encumbrance that is not cleared will postpone your application.

Encumbrances can be added at any time, and the Graduations Team will email you if you receive an encumbrance before your graduation.

Adding or removing part of your name

Your graduation certificate is a legal document and should list your full legal name (as on your birth certificate or passport). The name on your certificate cannot be changed after your award has been conferred except in limited circumstances.

You can change your name by providing one of the 'accepted documents' listed below by the apply to graduate closing date with your full name as you wish it to be recorded by the University. You can bring this document to Student Central, Student Administration and the team will update your name for you on the spot.

Accepted documents: 

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Change of Name Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate

If you can't come to Student Administration to show us original documentation you can send us an original certified copy OR send us a full-colour scan of the original document (at the original size) via Email Us. The certified document must be signed by one of the following:

  • Justice of the Peace
  • Commissioner of Declarations
  • a person who is permitted to witness documents
  • Notary Public.

Rearranging your name

When you apply to graduate, you will have the option to rearrange the order of your names. You don't need to provide any documents or reason, just let us know the order you'd like your name printed on your certificate. If you choose this option and would like it applied to your other documents (for example your transcript) contact the Graduations Team to let us know.

Attending a ceremony

You can see the provisional Conferment Dates published on our website. Your allocated ceremony will be available to when you confirm your attendance. If you're unable to attend your ceremony, you may choose to move your graduation next round or graduate in absentia (have your certificate posted to you without attending a ceremony). Once your award is conferred in absentia, you will miss the opportunity to attend a future ceremony for that award.

Graduation dates are subject to change, though unlikely. If for any reason the University changes your ceremony date, it will not be by more than 24 hours and the Graduations Team will email your student account.

Conferral in absentia – Not attending a ceremony

If you don't want to attend a formal ceremony for your graduation, you can apply to graduate in absentia. You application will be processed at the earliest possible conferral date based on your course completion and the date your application to graduate is received. Once your award has been conferred your certificate will be sent to your semester address in studentConnect via Registered Post (within Australia) or DHL Courier (overseas) free of charge. If your certificate is returned to the University and needs to be re-sent there will be a charge ($10 within Australia or $25 for International Courier).

Once your award has been conferred in absentia, it is not possible for you to attend a future graduation ceremony for that award.

Multiple Awards

If you are completing more than one course, during your application to graduate you will be asked to select which course you would like to attend a ceremony for. If you would like to attend a ceremony for both awards you can choose to defer your attendance for one award to the following round. Once you complete your application to graduate contact the Graduations Team so they can set this up for you. It is only possible to attend one ceremony per round.

If you choose to attend both ceremonies the date printed on your award certificate is the date your award was conferred not the date you finished your course, so the dates on your certificates will be different.


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Check your graduation details in studentConnect

Students who have applied to graduate will be advised of their ceremony date via their student email and the date will show in studentConnect.

Remember to check your award information

Carefully check your course details when applying to graduate as this information will be printed on your certificate. There are limited circumstances in which a conferred award can be amended. 

How to check that you have selected your intended majors/specialisations in studentConnect?

You can check the majors/specialisations you have selected during your course by:

  • Logging on to studentConnect with your Student ID and Pheme password.
  • Under the ENROLMENT menu select 'Course and Unit' 
  • Under the course in which you are enrolled select 'Unit Sets'

If the information about your majors/specialisations is not correct, you can change it by:

  • Logging on to studentConnect with your Student ID and Pheme password.
  • Under the ENROLMENT menu select 'Online Enrolment & Change of Enrolment' 
  • Click on 'Select your Majors, Minors, Programs or Specialisations'
Contact your Faculty Student Office if you are unable to make changes online via studentConnect.

Date of your graduation ceremony

The date of your graduation ceremony is provisional and will be confirmed when you confirm your attendance. We do not expect the date to change by more than 24 hours.

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Confirm your attendance

If you have applied to attend your graduation ceremony you will also need to confirm your attendance when your ceremony has been allocated. The Graduations Team will send you an email with instructions when the Confirmation of Attendance opens to prompt you.

It's important when you get this email to log into studentConnect to complete your confirmation before the closing date so you don't miss the opportunity to attend. After submitting your Confirmation of Attendance you will receive an email receipt, if you don't receive this email within 24 hours, check with the Graduations Team so we can make sure your application and confirmation have been received.

If you miss your Confirmation of Attendance you will have your award conferred in absentia and will not be able to attend any future ceremony for that award.

If your situation changes after completing your Confirmation of Attendance, please contact us before your ceremony to discuss your options.  

As part of your Confirmation of Attendance it's important to, check your address is up to date so if you decide not to attend we can post your certificate. Check your name is recorded in full and your majors/specialisations are showing, these are printed on your certificate and cannot be changed after graduation. Some courses and pre-2012 will not have majors/specialisations printed.

Tell us how to pronounce your name

Your full legal name will appear on your award certificate and will be read out in full at your ceremony. If your name is difficult to pronounce or you're simply concerned about the pronunciation, it is helpful to provide the presenter with some guidance. If you include a nickname or abbreviation in your pronunciation, it will not be read out. We have listed some examples of how to write out a pronunciation as a guide:


Full Name



Paul Harvey von Bergheim

Paul Harvey von Berg-hime


Hooi Peng Soon

Hoo-ee P-eng S-oon


Rebecca Malkkah Lachovitzki

Rebecca Mul-ka Lah-koh-vitz-kee


Abcde Smith

Ab-seh-dee Smith


Anneli Jones

Ah-nuh-lee Jones


Tania Lee

Tahn-yah Lee 

You can also visit the Pronounce Names website which is helpful if you're unsure how to best write your pronunciation. Do not include 'sounds like' or 'rhymes with' in your pronunciation.

Tickets and seating

During your confirmation you will be able to let us know if you and/or your guests have any seating requirements. If your guest has a seating requirement, we ask they arrive at their venue early and make themselves known to venue staff who will seat them accordingly. If you indicate a special seating requirement for yourself, the Graduations Team will contact you to discuss your requirements. If you or one of your guests requires an AUSLAN interpreter the University will provide one for your ceremony.

Children are welcome to attend your graduation ceremony, for small children it’s important to note evening ceremonies may run as late as 9.30pm. Children who are two years or under can sit on an adult‘s lap (one of your guests), children over two require their own ticket. If you have a pram, please leave it with the front of house staff before you go into the graduation venue. These are Occupational Health and Safety rules, and are in place for the safety of all patrons. 

For more information about seating and accessibility for you and your guests, see the attending a ceremony webpage.

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