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Academic dress

At your graduation ceremony you will need to wear the correct academic dress which includes a gown, hood and trencher cap (often referred to as a mortar board).

In keeping with the formal occasion we suggest you wear smart personal attire suitable for memorable photographs. When selecting shoes it is important to remember you will be processing with your peers from Great Court South to Winthrop Hall and navigating a small number of stairs including up to and down from the stage.

How do I order my graduation academic dress?

Once you have completed your Confirmation of Attendance you will receive an email from us with information and a link to order your academic dress, you will not be able to order until you have confirmed your attendance. If you don't receive this email within 24 hours contact us so we can check your confirmation details. 

GFP Graduations is the University's preferred provider of academic dress. You may obtain your academic dress from any supplier provided the academic dress complies with the University’s Statute 11. Should your academic dress not comply, GFP Graduations will supply a replacement on the day at your cost.

Academic dress prices vary according to the award that is being conferred. Full details are published on the Academic Dress Ordering Service website.

When and where do I collect my regalia?


Your academic dress is conveniently located by Winthrop Hall in a marquee and can be collected at the specified times


Need help wearing your regalia?


Getting your academic regalia on correctly can be confusing, so it’s a good idea to get some advice from GFP Graduations when you collect your regalia.

GFP Graduations has a 'Dress Me' station set-up to assist you. The 'Dress Me' station is located close to the Regalia Marquee on the Southern side of the Undercroft near Winthrop Hall and will be available until 1 hour before your ceremony. There will also be someone to adjust your regalia right before you go on stage, so there’s nothing to worry about.