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UWA Students House Rules

These online communities are for incoming and enrolled UWA students. Parents, friends, and anyone interested in the student activities at The University of Western Australia are also welcome. We encourage students to leave comments and join in the conversation: this is a safe space that promotes respect, inclusivity and informative discussion.

To protect our space and you as users, we retain the right to moderate content on this page at all times. We will review all comments and will remove any that are potentially offensive or inappropriate. We’ll also remove comments by outsiders soliciting UWA students to promote commercial interests, e.g. essay-writing services. We will uphold the standards of the platforms used: trolling, bullying, sexual discrimination and vulgarity will not be tolerated. Queries, constructive feedback and witty puns, however, are highly encouraged.


Be respectful, be clear, be accurate and be from UWA.  

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