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The School of Animal Biology maintains a fleet of vehicles and trailers to support the teaching and research activities of the School, particularly in regards to fieldwork.

  1. Vehicle Policy
  2. Car bookings

Vehicle Policy


The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure the effective and efficient use of Animal Biology vehicles and to work within the relevant State and Territory road rules and regulations.

Adherence to this policy should also contribute significant financial benefits to the School.

The policy is also intended to ensure:

  • the integrity, reliability, and good performance of vehicles,
  • that users have access to appropriate training and support, and
  • that the vehicles are appropriately managed.

Please review the policy below, available in pdf or rtf (note images have been removed to reduce file size).


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Car bookings

Vehicles are to be booked through the on-line booking system (Ez-Book) for School users.

Your name, BU and PG to be charged MUST be written in the vehicle log sheet.

Bookings should be made as early as possible and must be made for a set period with the start and end time completed.

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