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For any more information or assistance please contact:

Postgraduate Coordinator

UWA induction information

You should also read the comprehensive UWA induction information.



We have developed a number of resources to help you settle in as a postgraduate student in the School.

  1. Postgraduate handbook
  2. Safety induction
  3. Animal ethics
  4. Student travel

Postgraduate handbook

School of Animal Biology Postgraduate Handbook


Looking for advice not in the handbook?


Completion Plan pro forma
This form is for Annual Progress Reports and Extension forms

Safety induction

All students are required to participate in a safety induction. Please contact to find out when the next induction will be offered.

Animal ethics

Any student intending to use cephalopods and vertebrates in their research will be required to obtain approval for their research from the Animal Ethics Office

Student Travel

The School will provide $800 for conference travel (for a single international conference OR towards two domestic conferences). Please refer to the Postgraduate Handbook for further information. 

Postgraduate Travel Support Application

Student Travel [DOC, 84.5 KB]
Updated 4 May 2015