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Looking to complete an Honours project, Masters by research or PhD? Our school offers many fascinating possibilities for students who are interested in continuing their higher education journey.

We have expertise in agricultural economics, environmental economics, renewable energy, invasive species, the economics of conservation decisions, non-market valuation, food systems and agribusiness. Our staff are internationally recognized and have extensive experience in supporting and supervising postgraduate students.

Why undertake further study?

  • Able to take responsibility for a project
  • Able to manage your time and workload
  • Committed to realising your goals
  • Able to work to a high standard
  • Capable or working as part of a team

What type of topics are on offer?

Here are just some of the research topics you could study.

Should we have more underground power lines?

Underground power lines may cope better with extreme weather and are sometimes preferred for aesthetic reasons. However, the costs of building and repairing underground power lines can be high. This project will measure consumer preferences for different power systems and compare their costs and benefits.

Assoc/Prof Chunbo Ma

What are optimal pest management strategies for on-farm grain storage?

You will evaluate the costs and the benefits of different pest management strategies (chemical and non-chemical) in on-farm grain storage facilities. This requires you to work with farmers to assess the effectiveness, cost, and financial return of different strategies.

Dr Fiona Gibson
Assoc/Prof Benedict White

Mine site restoration planning

Mining companies are required to restore old mine sites after use. But there are different ways to organise mine site restoration which will influence its effectiveness. How do mining companies plan for restoration, what type of restoration activities are undertaken at different types of mine, and what are the long-term consequences of different restoration strategies?

Dr Marit Kragt

Environmental economics in Nepal

Projects are available for students who are interested in Nepal or other developing countries. Topics cover community-based natural resource management, eco-tourism, payments for environmental services, and threatened species conservation.

Asst Prof Ram Pandit

Improving the system for biodiversity offsets

An offset is where developers are permitted to damage an environmental asset, on condition that they undertake other agreed environmental works elsewhere to “offset” the damage. You would address the challenges to developing effective offsets.

Professor David Pannell

There are many more!

A more comprehensive list of possible topics is available below. This list is not exhaustive and changes regularly. It is best to contact the appropriate supervisor for more opportunities. Some projects have scholarships or extra research funding available.