Welcome to the Faculty of Science where we hope you will embrace all of the opportunities offered by training at one of the world's top universities. You will be working alongside some of the world's leading researchers in one of the world's top 100 universities.

Our aim is to ensure you are well looked after and that you quickly develop a strong sense of identity with the Faculty and the University. You are training to be scientists, scientists that will be leaders in your field who we expect will leave The University of Western Australia (UWA) with all the skills and expertise needed to have a significant impact in your chosen field of study.

Getting started

New researcher checklist

We want you to have the best possible start to your postgraduate research studies, so we have prepared a checklist, identifying the essential information required to get you started. We suggest that you work through the checklist within a fortnight of your enrolment. Your supervisor, graduate research coordinator or your School's Academic Services team will be able to assist you.

Computer access

If you are a newly enrolled full-time or part-time postgraduate research student, the Faculty of Science will provide you with access to a dedicated UWA laptop/computer for your research. Current postgraduate research students may also request a UWA computer and these requests will be supported on a priority basis.

To arrange your computing requests, submit a completed Computing Request Form to the IT Service Desk.


Your UWA computer will be networked to a printer, arrange access by contacting [email protected]

Once you have access to your local printers your School's Academic Services team can provide you with a personal photocopier access code, where applicable.

Email accounts

All students currently enrolled at UWA are automatically assigned an email address. Your UWA email should be used as your primary account to correspond with the University. All official correspondence will be sent to your email, so please check your messages regularly. You can access your student email account through a variety of methods:

  • Directly through Webmail
  • On your device

You will need an active Pheme account. Commencing students will need to activate their Pheme account before they can access their email.

In addition to your general UWA email address, postgraduate research students are also eligible to activate a UWA research email alias. The default format of your UWA research email alias is: [email protected]. For further information on how to establish a research email alias, visit askUWA.

Study spaces

Specific workspaces have been allocated across the Faculty for use by PhD students. Contact your School's Academic Services team who will be able to assist you in finding these spaces.

Your candidature


studentConnect is your UWA administration portal. Here you can update your address and contact information and view your current enrolment, course and administration fees and graduation information. Remember that it is your responsibility to check your milestones and you will not receive reminders.

Your candidature journey

The Graduate Research School is responsible for candidature management and is an important source of information and advice.

Postgraduate forms

Throughout your candidature, a range of tasks, milestones and approvals are required, which are managed through various forms. Postgraduate forms are available from the Graduate Research School and are approved by your coordinating supervisor and graduate research coordinator.

Research proposals

The Graduate Research School provides advice on how to prepare a research proposal. See also the research proposal seminars held regularly throughout the year.

All students enrolled in Doctoral and Masters courses are required to submit a research proposal using the Delphi online form. After online submission, the proposal will be reviewed by your coordinating supervisor and then by the Graduate Research Coordinator. After passing these two stages of review, the proposal will then be assessed by a member of the Graduate Research School Board.

Contact the Graduate Research School if you have any questions. To simplify the search process, all the forms you will need are captured by candidature stages and topics.

Coursework units

Will your research benefit from enrolment in coursework units? Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy candidates can enrol in up to 24 points of coursework, if necessary, for the successful completion of their research degree. Discuss with your supervisor(s), browse the UWA Handbook and check Timetables to see how your potential study plan could be scheduled.

Grants and scholarships

HDR Support Grant

The Faculty provides all postgraduate research students (PhD and Master's) with an amount of money to support their research during their candidature. These funds are placed into a personal University account known as a Project Grant (PG), which is managed in conjunction with your supervisor. The Financial and Staff Resources team in the Faculty can provide further advice on how to access funds in your PG and your account balances. The amounts provided are as follows:

Doctoral Degrees Master's By Research
Full Time AUD$1,500 for 3 years* AUD$1,500 for 2 years*

*To be transferred after your enrolment. These amounts are all inclusive and must cover all research costs including project specific costs, training, conference expenses and computing or software requirements beyond that provided by the University.

How to access approved research funds

You will work with your supervisors to develop an approved research budget. Before requesting to draw on these funds, please consult with your supervisors. Next, to request a purchase, complete the requisition form and seek the approval of your coordinating supervisor. This form will be directed to [email protected].

Contact [email protected] for any financial queries you and your supervisors have during your studies.

Scholarship opportunities

Scholarships, prizes and awards are available for future and current students.

Student Travel Award

You may apply for up to AUD$750 for domestic travel and up to AUD$1,850 for overseas travel from the Graduate Research School. View further information about the Student Travel Award available from the Graduate Research School.

Your library

Library support for researchers

We encourage you to make an appointment with a librarian early in your studies especially if you are doing a literature or systematic review. Look out for the specifically targeted Library workshops for researchers and HDR students. All of our online resources and databases can be accessed both on and off campus.

Library spaces and meeting rooms

You’ll find dedicated postgraduate study spaces, easily accessed using your campus card, in the quiet zones in Reid and Barry J. Marshall Libraries. Practical online information about a range of library services, booking study rooms, developing research skills, finding resources and referencing help are all available via the Quick Links displayed on the Library Home Page.

Library Survival Guides

Library Survival Guides will help you to develop your research skills, find resources, reference correctly and use referencing tools like EndNote. There is even a guide to Systematic Reviews. Refer to the specific guides For Researchers for detailed information about altmetrics, copyright, open access and data management.

Get It inter-library loan and document delivery service

Sign in to OneSearch to access document delivery options from our collections and search material not held by UWA which may be obtained via interlibrary loan. This service also includes mailbag delivery of items held by UWA.

Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE)

This compulsory unit, teaching essential research skills, is best completed early in your studies. Online Academic Conduct Essentials units must be completed by HDR students before they graduate. The ACE/ CARS units are accessible via the Learning Management System.


Travel is a recognised part of postgraduate research and any travel overseas during candidature will require approval from the Graduate Research School.

Travel approval

All University travel must be approved by the appropriate University-delegated authority. Travellers are also required to arrange and manage air travel through the Travel Requisition System, Concur.

Postgraduate research students should apply for overseas travel and the Student Travel Award at least four weeks before the intended travel.

Booking travel with Concur

When booking your travel through Concur, remember to attach approval from your coordinating supervisor. If it is your first time using Concur, set up your profile and update the time zone (local time) to Perth (+8:00) before creating a new request. Postgraduate research students can only access the booking type ‘Concur REQUEST’, therefore change the default booking type from ‘Concur TRAVEL’ to ‘Concur REQUEST’ before you can proceed.

Refer to module 27 ‘HDR Student Travel’ of the Concur Travel Management System guide or consult your School's Academic Services team for assistance. If there is a problem with Workflow approval, contact your School's Academic Services team to resolve.


Fieldwork in rural and remote locations form an essential part of many teaching and research functions. These tasks and activities may be carried out in unfamiliar surroundings with different risks from those that are well known and controlled while on the University campus. The procedures for fieldwork in rural and remote areas should be referred to and any relevant forms submitted prior to traveling.

Completing your study

As you approach the end of your thesis, you will need to consider its format and discuss possible examiners with your supervisors. The Graduate Research School provides useful information on the style and format of your thesis. You will work with your supervisor to prepare for your oral examination.


In order to graduate and receive your degree certificate whether attending a graduation ceremony or not, you must apply to graduate. You will need to contact the Graduation team by using the Email Us tab in askUWA. The University will take no action to process your award until you have applied.

Graduate lifetime email address

UWA student email will be accessible for 12 months after you complete your course. Convocation provides a Graduate Lifetime Email Address in the form of [email protected] for graduates of the University.

Contact us

For all general enquiries use your School's Academic Services email. For all candidature enquiries use the graduate research coordinator email to contact your School's Academic Services team and your graduate research coordinator.

Academic Services
Graduate Research Coordinator
Biological Sciences
[email protected]
[email protected]
Earth Sciences
[email protected]
[email protected]
Human Sciences
[email protected]
[email protected]
Molecular Sciences
[email protected]
[email protected]
Psychological Science
[email protected]
[email protected]
UWA School of Agriculture and Environment
[email protected]
[email protected]


Information Technology (IT)
[email protected]
Financial and Staff Resources
[email protected]
Science Service Delivery Centre (SDC)
Indigenous Student Support Services

Resolving problems

If problems arise, you should first talk to your supervisor, followed by your graduate research coordinator, and then, if necessary, the Graduate Research School.