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Honours: Neuroscience

An honours degree gives you opportunities to develop a greater degree of understanding in your chosen field of study and receive a high level of training in a broad range of skills.

Such skills include:

  • experimental methods
  • problem solving
  • literature searching
  • data analysis
  • computing
  • written and oral communication.

Available projects

New projects are added on an annual basis, in September/October.

The first step in deciding where and with whom you want to do your honours research involves making an appointment to talk with the individual staff members and having a full and open discussion of the science. Only then can you decide on a project that you find interesting and feasible.

An important rule of thumb is to undertake a project that you think you will enjoy.

The list of projects here is not exhaustive. Many supervisors will have projects that are not listed and most supervisors will be happy to discuss the feasibility of undertaking projects that originate from your own ideas.

Please note that some of these projects may already be spoken for:

Neuroscience Honours Projects 2015 Part-1 (RTF file of 8.1MB)

Neurosicence Honours Projects 2015 Part-2 (RTF file of 9.5MB)

Lions Eye Institute Honours Projects

Projects from previous years

Projects from previous years are included here to give you an idea of other possible options:

How to apply

Students may enter the honours program at the beginnning of the year. Enrolments are required to be full-time.

Honours applicants need to nominate a project and a supervisor following discussion with with one of the Neuroscience honours co-ordinators

Associate Professor Helmy Mulders

Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger


UWA students

UWA students should contact the School of Human Sciences Honours Convenor to register their interest as early as possible in the semester prior to the expected commencement.

The application process has two parts.

  1. An End-On Honours Application is made online through studentConnect. Select course Bachelor of Science BH004
  2. A (hard copy) School Application Form must also be lodged with the School or attached to the on-line application.

Once approved by the Faculty of Science, student applications are forwarded to Student Administration, which issues a letter of offer and information about enrolment.


External students

Students external to UWA who wish to enrol for honours with us should contact Dr Archa Fox, or Dr Jeremy Smith, the School of Human Sciences Honours Convenors,  in advance and submit a School Application Form to ensure the School is happy to accept and supervise you.

A letter from the School to this effect may be provided which, attached to the UWA application form, may facilitate the application process. You will also need to complete the appropriate University of Western Australia application form and lodge it with the Admissions Centre, Hackett Hall, by mid-December or mid-May depending on desired commencement period. This date should be checked each year with the Admissions Centre. Student Administration will issue a letter of offer.

Mid-year commencement in honours at the University may be difficult for students coming directly from other institutions due to time constraints around assessing eligibility.

Australian students

International students