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Applications for the Dr Margaret Loman-Hall Honours Scholarships will open in November, closing 13 March, 2021.


Our honours year has an emphasis on completing an original research project.

Honours is available in the following disciplines:

  • Anatomy and Human Biology
  • Physiology
  • Neuroscience

Under the supervision of internationally-recognised school staff, you will:

  • gain an introduction to the challenging world of full-time research
  • investigate a biological problem at a professional level
  • access the vast information related to your topic
  • discover the challenges, frustration, routine and inspiration of research
  • contribute to the knowledge and technical background of your subject
  • appreciate the value of working with academic and technical colleagues
  • develop technical, written and verbal skills.

Entry requirement

The minimum qualification for entry to honours programs in the Faculty of Science is an average of at least 65 per cent in third year over 24 points of your major relevant to the honours discipline you wish to study.

Students who meet this requirement and have the support of the Head of School to undertake honours will normally be routinely accepted.

Students who have an average of 65 per cent in a major sequence, not necessarily the one in which they wish to pursue honours, may be allowed to proceed to honours as long as the Head of School has made a case to the Faculty as to the relevance and adequacy of the student's background.

Students who find they do not qualify for honours but are interested in pursuing research might consider undertaking a Masters of Biomedical Science. More information is available on our postgraduate page.

How to apply

Students enter the honours program at the beginning of the year. Enrolments are required to be full-time.

Honours applicants need to nominate a project and a supervisor following discussion with members of academic staff, all of whom are available to supervise honours and BMed Sci projects. Each year suggested projects are posted. However, if a student wishes to nominate and pursue a topic of their own devising, the school is happy to consider this option.

UWA students

UWA students should contact the School Honours Convener to register their interest as early as possible in the semester prior to the expected commencement.

Applications are open for 2021 and will close 26th February, 2021.

Late applications may be possible, usually attract a late fee of $100, but may not be accepted.

The application process has two parts.

  1. An End-On Honours Application is made online through studentConnect. Select course Bachelor of Science BH004
  2. A School Application Form (with Supervisor's signature) must also be attached to the on-line application.

Once approved by the Faculty of Science, student applications are forwarded to Student Administration, which issues a letter of offer and information about enrolment.

External students

Students external to UWA who wish to enroll for honours with us should contact Dr Jeremy Smith, or Assoc Prof Helmy Mulders, the School honours conveners, in advance and submit a School Application Form to ensure the School is happy to accept and supervise you.

A letter from the School to this effect may be provided which, attached to the UWA application form, may facilitate the application process. You will also need to complete the appropriate UWA application form and lodge it with the Admissions Centre, Hackett Hall, by mid-December. This date should be checked each year with the Admissions Centre. Student Administration will issue a letter of offer.