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We have numerous facilities that are well equipped for your research.

  1. Plant Biology equipment database
  2. Yule Brook Reserve
  3. Shenton Park field station 
  4. Ultra low (-80o) freezer

Plant Biology equipment database

The School of Plant Biology has an exhaustive number of facilities and equipment for the staff and students to utilize.   

  1. Navigate to the Plant Biology equipment database and click to open the file. The List is presented in 2 forms, alphabetically by item and also by contact name of the person looking after the equipment.
  2. Search for the item you are looking for (top right hand side), use applications as well as the equipment name itself (e.g. amino acids).
  3. Use zoom and full view functions to optimise for your screen size.
  4. Take note of the training requirements in terms of time needed and make contact with the listed person to organise training and access.  N.B.: please plan ahead and make contact early to organise training and/or access.
  5. For items NOT listed in the database, they may still exist in the School but under strict access control.  Contact Greg Cawthray to enquire further.
  6. File is protected but can be downloaded and hyperlinks should still work.
  7. Updates to the list will only be reflected in the Google documents file link.


New users may be required to undergo training in the correct use of equipment; enquire with the designated contact person.


A fee may be charged for use to cover consumables, maintenance and/or service costs. Contact the designated person and ask them what consumables are needed and what the cost per use includes, if applicable.


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Yule Brook Reserve

The Yule Brook Reserve, also referred to as the Alison Baird Reserve, is a protected area of bushland in Kenwick owned by the University. The 35-hectare reserve is part of the Greater Brixton Street Wetlands, an area with the highest plant biodiversity of any surveyed bushland remnant in Perth. The Reserve has been used for many years for research and training of botanists.

The Kwongan Foundation Facebook includes a gallery of images of the Alison Baird Reserve at Yule Brook.


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Shenton Park field station

The 67-hectare Shenton Park field station, only 15 minutes from campus, has a variety of facilities, including large open irrigated field areas, netted areas, screen houses, glasshouses, PC2 facilities and quarantine facilities.

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Ultra Low (-80oC) Freezer

Four -80oC units are available for School of Plant Biology staff and students to access.  There are charges associated with the use of this facility as well as rules of operation that MUST be followed at all times.   

  1. All new users are required to undertake the 15 min induction before being able to access the locked freezers (further details below).
  2. All users of the facility agree to follow the Plant Biology -80oC Freezer Use Conditions (link will take you to a downloadable version of the rules). These rules are also clearly posted on every freezer.
  3. All freezer users contribute to running costs.
  4. Materials are to be stored in a manner to maximise storage space availability.
  5. Materials will be audited annually (Jan/Feb) and will be disposed of if correct details are not provided in the Plant Biology -80oC Freezer Holdings Register nor are they appropriately labelled (labels are available from the online register.
  6. Access to the freezers is by key only, which is to be signed out from the main Plant Biology administration office (1st floor Central Wing).


Freezer inductions can be conducted by the Freezer Manager (Greg Cawthray) or another registered user.  Your research group may have people already inducted, check with your colleagues.


Further details with regard to the fees and induction/training can be downloaded in this document:

School of Plant-Biology Freezers Induction and Fees






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