Plant Biology


Current Students is a resource for postgraduates in Plant Biology, providing you with the information you need for your studies.

Student Information

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Plant Biology Forms and Policies

Forms that you will need to use and information about policies.

New students

Guide and induction information for new postgraduates.


This is a list of available scholarships, prizes and endowments.


At the end of your first-year you will need to submit a confirmation of candidature.

Research proposal

Guidelines for preparing and submitting your research proposal.

Annual reports

How to lodge your annual report.

Submitting your thesis

Steps involved in submitting your thesis.

What other research students are doing

Profiles of other School postgraduate students and their research.


School facilities that can assist you with your research.

Funding and allocations

Budget and funding information to support your research.

Life after graduation

Information on staying connected with the global network of UWA alumni.