Research proposal

A researcher standing in a river holding a net

Your proposal is due within six months of enrolment.

The School has a process for reviewing research proposals to ensure students undertake quality research projects that can be completed within the constrainst of funds and time.  Your proposal should be ready for School review at least one month prior to the due date.

In preparing your proposal, follow these steps:

Write your proposal using the Guidelines for Preparing Research Proposals and research proposal format available from the Graduate Research School.  As part of the proposal you and your supervisor will need to identify milestones for candidature.

Animal Biology [PDF, 12.3 KB]
Updated 24 Jul 2008

Animal Biology [RTF, 44.9 KB]
Updated 24 Jul 2008

Submit your proposal to your review panel.  Each panel member will need to complete a review of research proposals form.

Organise to give a proposal seminar as part of the postgraduate seminar series.

Meet with your supervisor and panel members to discuss your proposal.

This is a good time to ensure you have a postgraduate profile set upThe School will not sign off on your proposal until this is done.

When your proposal is finalised, following any revision suggested by your review panel, submit your proposal and the panel review forms to the Contact Joe Tomkins, Graduate Research Coordinator via email or phone +61 (8) 6488 2110.

The Coordinator will then submit the proposal to the Graduate Research School where the proposal will be reviewed by a member of the Board.

More details about submitting your proposal and the review process are available from the Graduate Research School.