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Thinking of applying for Honours in 2020?

UWA Honours - How to Apply

Honours Conference

Wednesday 30 September 2020

Honours Course Structure

There are 4 compulsory taught units in Honours (worth 6 points each) in addition to the research project (worth 24 points in total). These are outlined below.

Honours is a final, usually fourth, year of undergraduate study. You continue to focus on your major subjects while developing research, time management, problem solving, communication and other useful skills.

The Honours program in Psychology aims to develop your skills in:

  • Addressing advanced conceptual issues in psychology and integrating a broad range of research findings within central theoretical concepts
  • Gaining a deep understanding of current research within several areas of the discipline
  • Planning, implementing, and interpreting the findings of a major piece of empirical research
  • Giving brief oral presentations of research findings in a manner that is understandable to people not working in the same research area

Points to consider before you apply:

  • Deferral - apply only for the year you want to start. That is, do not apply now and then defer.
  • Taking time off - you should have completed your level 3 Psychology units within the seven years prior to applying for Honours, so most students can take several years off.
  • Start mid-year - you can start mid-year, but as the thesis units must be completed in one calendar year it will take three semesters to complete and so you must be able to enrol part-time. Mid-year places are not offered to students who have not met the cut-off score that was set for Semester 1 entry of that year.
  • Part-time study - is available but you must complete the course in two years.

Entry requirements and prerequisites

Successful completion of a Bachelor's degree with an accredited sequence of psychology study (eg. Double major or two majors in psychology).

The criteria for admissions to Honours have been modified in light of COVID-19 and the possibility for students to take ungraded passes for Semester 1 2020 units.

To be eligible to apply for the Honours program you must have completed eight Level 3 psychology units (48 points), or equivalent as recognised by the Faculty, and must achieve an average score of 65% in four of those units, as follows. For selection purposes, the average score will be calculated across four Level 3 units:

  1. PSYC3302 (Semester 2 unit)
  2. PSYC3310 (Semester 2 unit)
  3. Highest two marks from other Level 3 units with unit marks available (i.e., units with unit code PSYC33XX where an ungraded pass has not been taken).

These entry criteria will be applied irrespective of whether students completed their Level 3 units in 2020 or in previous years.

Students will then be ranked according to their average score and offered places from the top of the list (rank 1) until the School has filled its available places (rank n). The total number of places available (n) will vary according to the number of staff available to supervise. Even if you think your marks are marginal, or just below the criteria, it's worth applying.

Indigenous applicants who score at or above an average of 70% in the Level 3 psychology units will be granted entry to the program and are exempt from the ranking process described above. 

If you have completed the Graduate Diploma in Psychology at UWA you are eligible to apply for entry into the Honours program.

Non-UWA Applicants

Applicants who hold a three-year Psychology degree (including a Graduate Diploma in Psychology) from another University are welcome to apply. Your degree must be APAC-accredited, and you must have a double major in Psychology (a full-time year's worth of level 3 psychology units in any other credit point system). Your grades will be assessed on a case-by-case basis if they are not provided on the same scale as UWA grades.

Please note, if you do not meet the "full-time years' worth of Level 3 psychology units" requirement, there are options for you to complete the additional units in order to be eligible to apply for our Honours program. Please contact the Science Student Office at should you require further information.

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How to apply

To apply for Honours (Bachelor of Arts BH001 or Bachelor of Science BH004) follow the steps given below:

Ensure that you meet the entry requirements.

  1. Attend the UWA School of Psychological Science Honours conference to find out more about our Honours program.  It's free and you don't need to book in - just turn up.  Announcements will be made via email to current 3rd year UWA students and a timetable of talks will be made available on our website in the lead-up to the conference. An information session for prospective students is held on that day, and you're encouraged to attend that meeting.

  2. Please refer to the UWA Deadlines and Dates page for deadlines for both Australian and International students. Current students and graduates from UWA are to apply on Student Connect. Non-UWA applicants should apply via the UWA Lodging Your Application page. You must take up Psychological Science Honours within the course with the same name as your bachelor's degree. For example, if you studied Psychology under the Bachelor of Arts, you must apply for the Bachelor of Arts (Honours).

  3. Check out the list of academic staff and research interests to find out about available projects and how to contact those who you think might be potential supervisors.  Be sure to consider academics whose research interests overlap with your own; but also be sure not to define your research interests too narrowly.  If you are applying from overseas or interstate, you may have to correspond with academics by electronic communication only.  Simply e-mail academics with your queries and interests.

  4. Apply to be allocated a supervisor by visiting the online supervisor preference form (see below for more information) 

  5. Please ensure you submit your application by the due dates as specified on the UWA Lodging Your Application page. Please note that Psychological Science applications have an earlier closing date than other specialisations.

Choosing a supervisor

As part of your Honours application you will be asked to express your preferences for supervision by visiting our online supervisor preference form. If you are applying for mid-year entry or plan to complete your thesis in the second year of part-time study you are not required to select a supervisor at the time of submitting your application, but you will need to submit the online supervisor preference form in the round prior to enrolling in the thesis units. Preferences will not “carry over” to the subsequent round of supervisor allocations.

The form will ask you to express your preferences regarding supervision by each academic in the School. The procedure will involve two stages. You will be assigned to a supervisor on the basis of your preferences, weighted by your academic record where there are ties. This means that the better you perform, the more likely it is that you will be assigned the supervisor whom you most prefer. Note that competition for supervisors can be intense (depending on their research interests and capacity to take on students).

If you get admitted into Honours, the School will inform you about who your supervisor is. Please note that this assignment will be final, and that no further changes of supervisor will occur once you have been assigned to an academic. All applicants must complete the relevant application form before the closing date to be considered for a place in the Honours program and the online supervisor preference form for preferences to be considered in the supervisor allocation process.

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Recommended Unit Progression

Full time enrolment (1 year)

 Semester 1  PSYC4416 Psychological Research and Theory (6 points)
 PSYC4418 Advanced Quantitative Methods in Psychology (6 points)
 PSYC4421 Psychology Honours Research Project Part 1 (12 points)
 Semester 2  PSYC4410 Psychological Research Communication Skills (6 points)
 PSYC4413 Psychological Research and Practice (6 points)
 PSYC4422 Honours Research Project Part 2 (12 points)


Part-time enrolment (2 years)

 Year 1  Semester 1  PSYC4416 Psychological Research and Theory (6 points)
 PSYC4418 Advanced Quantitative Methods in Psychology (6 points)
 Semester 2  PSYC4413 Psychological Research and Practice (6 points)
 Year 2  Semester 1  PSYC4421 Psychology Honours Research Project Part 1 (12 points)
 Semester 2  PSYC4410 Psychological Research Communication Skills (6 points)
 PSYC4422 Psychology Honours Research Project Part 2 (12 points)


Mid-year entry (1.5 years)

 Year 1  Semester 2  PSYC4413 Psychological Research and Practice (6 points)
 Year 2  Semester 1  PSYC4416 Psychological Research and Theory (6 points)
 PSYC4418 Advanced Quantitative Methods in Psychology (6 points)
 PSYC4421 Psychology Honours Research Project Part 1 (12 points)
 Semester 2  PSYC4410 Psychological Research Communication Skills (6 points)
 PSYC4422 Psychology Honours Research Project Part 2 (12 points)


Time commitment:

  • Students are expected to commit ~150 hours of work per semester for a 6-point unit, and ~300 hours of work per semester for a 12-point unit. Many units and research projects have compulsory attendance requirements and you would need to be able to accommodate scheduled activities even if enrolling part-time.

Points to be aware of:

  • For part-time students it is recommended that the thesis units are completed in the second year.
  • PSYC4410 Psychological Research Communication Skills should be completed in the same semester as PSYC4422 Psychology Honours Research Project Part 2.


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