Career options in psychology

Further Information

Careers Information Session

Our Psychology Careers Information Session included presentations from staff in Psychology, Education, Social Work, Public Health, Sleep Science and the UWA Careers Centre.

Psychologists can pursue a number of careers – here are some ideas of what skills are taught during a psychology degree and how they transfer to work place settings.

Psychologists study the way people think, feel, and behave. Psychologists apply their knowledge and techniques in a wide range of occupations including academia, human resources, management, training, vocational guidance, counselling, education, health, and sports. This is because many of the skills taught in psychology are directly applicable to real-world jobs.

UWA Careers Centre

The UWA Careers Centre provides career- and employment-related services for students, including access to career opportunities on CareerHub, careers advice, workshops and events and career and job resources. Graduates can also access services for up to three years post-graduation.