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Assignment Information

Assignment Coversheet

It is a Faculty requirement that all assignments MUST be submitted with a signed and dated coversheet:

Requests for Extensions and Special Considerations

Requests for extensions of the submission deadlines for written work must be made to your Faculty via a Special Consideration Application Form.  See UWA’s Special Consideration Policy for further information and relevant forms.  Applications must be submitted to Faculty at the earliest possible date. You will be informed via email by your Faculty of the outcome of your application. The School will contact you to confirm the outcome and provide additional advise about assignment submission. Applications must be submitted to Faculty at the earliest possible date.

Extensions will normally be granted only in instances where an unforeseeable and unavoidable event, such as illness, prevents the work from being submitted by the due date. Extensions to the deadline will not be granted for holidays or clashing assignment deadlines. 

For further information on applying for Special Consideration, please visit UWA Current Students.

Faculty Contacts for Special Consideration

Faculty conditions vary for 'special consideration'. Always seek advice from your faculty adviser.


Penalties for Late Submission of Written Assignments

  • Assignment deadlines are clearly specified in the unit outline on UIMS, unless otherwise stated by the unit co-ordinator. All communication will be made via LMS or UWA student email, so please ensure you check both of these regularly.
  • Please ensure you are familiar with the LMS Turnitin Assignment submission process. Traffic maybe heavy approaching the deadline. You should leave yourself adequate time (e.g. at least one hour) to submit your assignment prior to the deadline, in order to avoid a late penalty.
  • An assignment is only considered submitted if you receive a digital receipt, via your student email.  Please ensure that you retain a copy of your digital receipt.. LMS records the exact time a paper is submitted and this information is included in the digital receipt.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct and final version of your assignment has been submitted by the deadline.  You can check your submission by clicking the "View" button next to the assignment.
  • Please also note that that if you get into the LMS Turnitin Assignment submission 'portal' before the deadline, but click to finalise your submission after the deadline, your assignment will be considered late and penalised accordingly.
  • A penalty for late submission will be applied to all assignments received after the deadline, be it one second, one minute, one hour or one day, without an extension. This policy is strictly enforced. Please note that submission times may vary between units. You must carefully read each unit outline
  • Late assignments will be penalised by 10% of the total available marks for each day after the published submission deadline. (e.g. if your assignment is worth 10 marks you would be penalised 1 mark per day late).
  • Please note that we will NOT accept re-submission after the assignment deadline. The last submission before the deadline is the final submission which will be graded on Turnitin.

Word Length of Assignments

  • It is important to write succinctly and to ensure you adhere to the set word length of an assignment, as outlined in the unit outline on UIMS.
  • A word count must be given on the cover page of all assignments.
  • Markers will stop reading assignments at the word limit and will assign a mark as if the read portion constituted the entire assignment.  Written work that exceeds the word limit will not receive credit or be given feedback.
  • For information on word length, including what is included in the word count, please refer to information provided by your Unit Coordinator in lectures and/or on LMS.

APA Style (6th Edition)

The preferred style for all UWA Education and Psychology papers is APA. The authoritative guide to APA referencing is the Publication Manual, 6th edition, It is your responsibility to ensure that the assignment is correctly formatted to the APA style and you have to ensure that your submitted assignment on Turnitin is still correctly formatted. To check your paper after submission, see Viewing Submitted Files. (Every paper that has been submitted can be viewed by clicking on the "View" button next to the assignment name. This will open a new window in a separate screen that displays the paper information in the heading at the top and the full text of the paper beneath.)

Plagiarism and Academic Policies

The University of Western Australia takes very seriously the matter of academic misconduct by students and has policies in place that define misconduct (including plagiarism) and the penalties that apply. The consequences for misconduct can be severe, including exclusion from the University.

All students are expected to make themselves aware of the definitions and the policies relating to academic misconduct, found at the websites below, and with any additional requirements or stipulations that may be provided by individual coordinators.

Student Services provides an on-line plagiarism portal that defines plagiarism and helps you avoid it in your written work.

Turnitin Originality Checking and Plagiarism Prevention is used in the Faculty to allow both educators and their students check written work for improper citation or misappropriated content.

Experiencing problems with Turnitin?

Students who are experiencing problems with Turnitin, please see your tutor in the first instance, and then the Undergraduate Administrative Team in the main Psychology office if the problem does not resolve.  Please note that the Undergraduate Administrative Team are available Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm. Please note that if you are having technical difficulties during your final submission you can email your assignment to after 11:30pm on the day of submission. Please do not email your assignment to your tutors as they will not be accepted.