Getting started

New researcher checklist

We want you to have the best possible start to your postgraduate research studies, so we have prepared a checklist, identifying the essential information required to get you started. We suggest that you work through the checklist within two weeks of your enrolment. Your supervisor, graduate research coordinator or Academic Services team will be able to assist you.

Computer access

If you are a newly enrolled Higher Degree by Research (HDR) student, The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (HMS) will provide you with access to a UWA computer for your research. Current HDR students may also request a UWA computer and these requests will be supported on a priority basis. Access to computers is provided as follows: 

New full-time HDR students
A dedicated UWA laptop/computer

Part-time HDR students
Shared access to a UWA computer

To arrange your laptop/computer access, contact


Access to a photocopier/printer, subject to monthly limits, is available to all full-time HDR students in HMS. Your UWA computer will be networked to a printer and your Academic Services team can provide you with a personal photocopier access code, where applicable.

Study spaces

Specific workstations have been set aside across the Faculty for use by HDR students. If you would like to access one of these spaces, contact your Academic Services team to check availability.

Email accounts

All students currently enrolled at UWA are automatically assigned an email address. The University sends your official correspondence to your email, so please check your messages regularly. You can access your student email account through a variety of methods:

  • Directly through Webmail
  • On your device

You will need an active Pheme account. Commencing students will need to activate their Pheme account before they can access their email.

In addition to your general UWA email address, HDR students are also eligible to activate a UWA research email alias. The default format of your UWA research email alias is: For further information on how to establish a research email alias, visit askUWA.

Your candidature

Your candidature journey

The Graduate Research School is responsible for candidature management and is an important source of information and advice.


StudentConnect is your UWA administration portal. Here you can update your address and contact information and view your current enrolment, course and administration fees and graduation information. Remember that it is your responsibility to check your milestones and you will not receive reminders.

Postgraduate forms

Throughout your candidature, a range of tasks, milestones and approvals are required, which are managed through various forms. Postgraduate forms are available from the Graduate Research School and are approved by your coordinating supervisor and graduate research coordinator. Contact the Graduate Research School if you have any questions. To simplify the search process, all the forms you will need are captured by candidature stages and topics. Forms are also available for research programs administered by the Graduate School of Education.

Coursework units

Will your research benefit from enrolment in coursework units? Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy candidates can enrol in up to 24 points of coursework, if necessary, for the successful completion of their research degree. Discuss with your supervisor(s), browse the UWA Handbook and check Timetables to see how your potential study plan could be scheduled.

Grants and scholarships

    HDR Support Grant

    The Faculty provides all HDR students with an annual HDR Support Grant to support research during their candidature. These funds are placed into a dedicated account known as a Project Grant (PG). The amounts provided are captured in the following table:

    Doctoral degrees Master's by Research
    Full-time $6000 for 3 years. Paid as an allocation of $2000 p.a.* $4000 for 2 years. Paid as an allocation of $2000 p.a.*
    Part-time $1000 p.a. for 6 years* $1000 p.a. for 4 years*

    *To be paid after the first census date following your enrolment. These amounts are contributions from the faculty towards research costs including travel, conferences, thesis printing, business card printing, any computing items required separate to the standard machine and software provided by the Faculty, etc.

    How to access your funds

    To request a purchase or reimbursement, complete the HDR Student Expense form and have it approved/signed by your coordinating supervisor. HDR Student Expense forms should be submitted directly to the Financial and Staff Resources team at

    Scholarship opportunities

    Scholarships, prizes and awards are available for future and current students.

    Student Travel Award

    You may apply for up to $750 for domestic travel and up to $1850 for overseas travel from the Graduate Research School. You can also utilise your HDR Support Grant for approved travel. View further information about the Student Travel Award available from the Graduate Research School.

    Thesis allowance claim form

    Some scholarship recipients1 may complete the Thesis Allowance Claim form to receive up to six (6) copies printed and permanently bound within two years of expiry or termination of the award. 


    Travel is a recognised part of HDR research and any travel overseas during candidature will require approval from the Graduate Research School. While you are a student of UWA you must inform the University when traveling internationally even if you are returning to your home country or going on a holiday.

    Travel approval

    All University travel must be approved by the appropriate University-delegated authority. Travellers are also required to arrange and manage air travel through the Travel Requisition System, Concur.

    HDR students should apply for overseas travel and the Student Travel Award at least four weeks before the intended travel.

    Booking travel with Concur

    When booking your travel through Concur, remember to attach approval from your coordinating supervisor. If it is your first time using Concur, set up your profile and update the time zone (local time) to Perth (+8:00) before creating a new request. HDR students can only access the booking type 'Concur REQUEST', therefore change the default booking type from 'Concur TRAVEL' to 'Concur REQUEST' before you can proceed.

    Please email for assistance. If there is a problem with Workflow approval, contact Transactions and Purchasing to resolve by emailing

    Completing your study

    As you approach the end of your research project, you will need to consider the thesis format and discuss possible examiners with your supervisors. The Graduate Research School provides useful information on the style and format of your thesis.

    Thesis printing and binding

    Your HDR Support Grant may be used for thesis printing and binding costs. Request approval via the HDR Student Expense form before placing your order via UniPrint. For queries and support, consult the thesis binding online ordering guide or contact UniPrint.

    Thesis allowance claim form

    Some scholarship recipients1 may complete the Thesis Allowance Claim form to receive up to six (6) copies printed and permanently bound within two years of expiry or termination of the award.


    In order to graduate and receive your degree certificate whether attending a graduation ceremony or not, you must apply to graduate. You will need to contact the Graduation team by using the `Ask a Question Tab? in askUWA. The University will take no action to process your award until you have applied.

    Graduate lifetime email address

    UWA student email will be accessible for 12 months after you complete your course. Convocation provides a Graduate Lifetime Email Address in the form of for graduates of the University.

    [1] RTP, UPA, Gledden, Hackett, Prescott, and full Jean Rogerson

    Contact us

    For Finance queries contact
    Financial and Staff Resources team:

    For IT queries contact:
    IT Service Delivery:

    For concur queries contact:

    For pre-candidature and scholarship queries contact
    HDR Coordinator:
    Contact: Jay Jay Jegathesan & Estelle Dawes

    For general queries relating to your study
    Graduate Research School Contacts

    For your academic services teams and graduate research coordinator refer to your school site below

    School of Allied Health
    Academic Services:

    Contact: Prof Lee Yong Lim (Pharmacy & Podiatric Medicine)
    Dr Susan Young (Social Works & Health Professions Education)

    School of Biomedical Sciences
    Academic Services:

    Contact: Associate Professor Allison Imrie

    GRC Royal Perth Hospital
    Contact: Dr Vance Matthews

    Centre for Opthamology and Visual Sciences
    Academic Services:

    Contact: Dr Omar Kujan

    Dental School
    Academic Services:

    GRC QEII: Oral Health Centre of WA
    Contact: Dr Omar Kujan

    Medical School - Royal Perth Hospital and Royal Perth Medical Research Foundation Sites
    Academic Services:

    Contact: Dr Vance Matthews

    Medical School - Fiona Stanley Hospital Site
    Academic Services:

    Contact: Dr Jane Allan

    Medical School - All other Medical School sites
    Academic Services:

    GRC Medicine
    Contact: Dr Jane Allan

    GRC Paediatric and Child Health
    Contact: Associate Professor Sunalene Devadason

    GRC Surgery
    Contact: Professor Barry Iacopetta

    GRC GP, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Emergency Medicine, Rural Clinical School
    Contact: Associate Professor Nahal Mavaddat

    School of Population and Global Health
    Academic Services:

    Contact: Associate Kevin Murray