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Mooting at UWA

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The University of Western Australia offers a number of opportunities for students to get involved in internal and external mooting competitions. Mooting offers students an opportunity to develop their skills in legal problem solving, research, oral and written advocacy and team work.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Mooting as ‘the discussion of a hypothetical case by law students for practice.’ Mooting is so much more.  It involves not only the development of legal arguments based on a hypothetical problem but also the presentation of those arguments to a mock court or tribunal.  As such it enables students to practice all stages of the legal reasoning process.

Mooting Opportunities at UWA

UWA has a long history of success in external mooting competitions. Pathway opportunities to participate in competitions..

Jessup International Mooting

Jessup is regarded worldwide as the most prestigious mooting competition for law students.

State and National Mooting

Includes the Hon Kirby, Sir Harry Gibbs and the Baker & McKenzie Women's moot competitions