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Welcome to the Law School.

Online study resources for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) or the Juris Doctor (JD). The Law School's professional team is your point of contact for questions about your progression and navigating degree requirements.  If you cannot find what you are looking for contact the Law School's professional support team through the medium of UWA's student correspondence portal, askUWA.

Academic conduct and ethical scholarship

Academic misconduct, including plagiarism, is covered by the University's guidelines on academic conduct. There is further information about ethical scholarship on the UWA My Course student support webpage.
  • Cheating in tests or examinations, such as copying from another student, or taking unauthorised materials into the test or examination room.
  • Plagiarism is presenting another's work as though it were one's own; for instance, quoting or paraphrasing someone else's opinions, arguments or research findings, whether published or unpublished, without clear acknowledgement of the source. (No source need be given for commonly accepted matters of fact.)
  • Falsifying results of experiments or research studies.
  • Collusion - for example, writing an assignment jointly and submitting it as the work of one individual unless it is clearly designated a group project.
  • Helping someone else to commit any dishonest act such as those listed above.
The consequences for misconduct can be severe, including exclusion from the University.

Disclosure - important note to students who wish to be a Lawyer
Academic dishonesty or misconduct may have to be reported to the authorities responsible for admission to the legal profession and will be taken into account in deciding whether a person is suitable for admission as a legal practitioner.

Advanced Legal Research

Advanced Legal Research is a course offered by invitation to students who have completed the equivalent of at least one and half years of the Degree of Juris Doctor (JD). Invitations are based on academic merit in the JD. The course is conducted over two semesters.

Students completing the unit submit a 2,000 word Research Proposal and a 10,000 word Research Paper. For more information and topics.

Approved leave - deferring your studies

If you are planning to take time off from your studies it is important that you discuss your plans with a Faculty Student Adviser first, and if appropriate, apply for approved leave. UWA Handbook approved leave.

Important note: if you don't gain Approved Leave, and don't complete any units in a given semester or trimester you will be considered to have discontinued your course. This means that you will need to re-apply for admission if you wish to return to your studies in the future.


Cross-institutional study

Students may be permitted to undertake studies on a cross-institutional basis at another higher education institution (host institution) for credit to their degree course at this University (home institution). Procedure

In the first instance, approval must be obtained from the Faculty Student Adviser and then from the institution at which students seek to enrol.

Dean's List

The Dean’s List recognises and celebrates the outstanding academic achievement of our Juris Doctor graduates. It is an honour granted to the top ranking students in a graduating cohort and is a testament to the hard-work and dedication of these students.

All students who complete Advanced Legal Research (by invitation), as well as the students ranked within the top 15% are recognised on the Dean's List.

Enrolment and unit availability

Unit enrolment is an online process via studentConnect. it is recommended that you enrol in units for both semesters of the academic year.

Visit the UWA Handbook for unit codes and availability.

Your unit may have a lecture and a tutorial, the UWA class allocation system (CAS) will be used to register for classes. Information is provided by Student Services for first-time users.

INVALID units need to be corrected. There are a number of reasons your enrolment in a unit may show up as “INVALID”. Check to ensure you meet all the prerequisites. If you do not meet all the prerequisites you should either withdraw from the unit or seek special approval. You should still attend lectures and tutorial classes for the invalid units until you have received advice from the Faculty.

If you are unable to withdraw from a unit online, the census date may have passed and you will need to complete a Change of Enrolment form (available from Student Central, in person or via ask UWA.

To add a unit late, fill out a Special Approval form and submit the form via askUWA to the Faculty of Law for approval. You then need to take the signed approval form to Student Central to process a Change of Enrollment form and pay the late fee.

Important note: if you withdraw from a unit after the academic withdrawal date, for the purposes of calculating the GPA and WAM a withdrawal FN equals zero, and will bring your GPA and WAM down.

You should make yourself familiar with the UWA Census Dates and be aware of this when considering withdrawing or submitting a Change of Enrolment form. Census dates and academic withdrawal dates explained. Teaching periods, census and withdrawal dates.

Withdrawing from enrolment. Before withdrawing from your course, you should discuss your intention with your faculty adviser as other options may be available. You might also consider applying for approved leave. Detailed information

Unit Permissions: Juris Doctor (JD) - application to enrol in a Master's unit

Email, internet and student device support

All students currently enrolled at UWA are automatically assigned an email address. It is important to use your allocated UWA student email address, as the University sends your official and general correspondence to that address. UWA Student E-mail system, a comprehensive student communications and collaboration suite.

UWA offers a range of online and person-to-person help so students can make the most of their email and network access and technical support, including audio visual equipment. IT Student Support.

Emergency Support Fund

The Law School is pleased to support Juris Doctor students through the UWA Law School Emergency Support Fund.  Funded by philanthropic donations, this fund provides grants of up to $500, providing financial support for unexpected emergency expenses.  

Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition and Mooting at UWA

UWA offers a number of opportunities for students to get involved in internal and external mooting competitions. More information.

Jessup is regarded worldwide as the most prestigious mooting competition for law students. Over a period of months, students prepare oral and written submissions addressing legal issues arising from a set of facts concerning public international law matters. LLB and JD students may enrol. Selection criteria.

Learning Resources

UWA has a wealth of resources available to support your student learning. Click here for information about:

Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE): compulsory online module for all students about ethical scholarship and the expectations of correct academic conduct that UWA has of its students.
Course Materials Online (CMO): Find out the course materials identified by your lecturers as important for your unit.
Information resources: locate library services, including the library OneSearch, and access IT Help.
Learning Management System (Blackboard): Use the LMS to access the online information, resources and activities specific to your units.
Lecture Capture System (LCS): Listen to lecture recordings for your units.
Dates and deadlines: Keep track of teaching periods, withdrawal and census dates.
Handbook: Find out about UWA courses, majors, units and schedules.
StudySmarter: Access resources to improve study, communication, maths, writing and research skills.

Law Library
Semester opening hours

Legal Internships

Legal Internship (LAWS5174) is now a dedicated clinical program in the Juris doctor degree. Students have opportunity to work in a legal environment for academic credit over one semester (one day per week) or intensively. For more information.

Oxford BCL and MLF

The University of Western Australia Faculty of Law and the University of Oxford Faculty of Law have entered a memorandum of understanding to give UWA Juris Doctor (JD) students the opportunity to apply for admission into the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) or a Masters in Law and Finance (MLF) at the University of Oxford. For more information


Student exchange and study abroad

Student life

The Law School is host to the law students' society, Blackstone Society. Joining the Blackstone Society puts you in contact with people that share common interests and are going through a similar experience. For more information visit the society's webpage. Involvement with Blackstone goes a long way to ensuring that you get the most out of your University education. It provides:

  • a wide range of social events including the Law Dinner Debate, Annual Law Ball and cocktail evenings
  • legal competitions
  • equity and social justice initiatives such as the Women in Law Mentoring Scheme and the Blackstone Volunteering Program
  • a catalogue of different publications
  • career fairs, workshops and seminars
  • as well as representation and advocacy within the Law Faculty, the University and nationally within the Australian Law Students Association

The UWAstudents YouTube has many videos that can assist you.

STUDYSmarter provides online services that promote writing, research and study skills.

Things to know and places to go. Free University services and social activities.

UWA has a wealth of resources available to support your student learning.


Congratulations! If you are reading this, it is probably because you have completed, or are about to complete, your course. To receive your award certificate from the University you must apply to graduate.

You can either receive your certificate at a Graduation Ceremony, held in Winthrop Hall on the Crawley campus in Perth, or apply to graduate In Absentia and have your certificate mailed to you

What’s next?

There are many opportunities available to UWA graduates: