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Teaching periods & census dates

UWA Handbook

Class Timetable

  • Intensive units are run during business hours. Normally 9:00am-5:00pm.
  • Visit the UWA Timetable for class start date, time and venue. 
  • The unit outline has information about the unit contact hours, unit schedule and assessment details.

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Subjects of study at UWA are referred to as units.  Units must be selected in accordance with the course structure as set out in the UWA Handbook. Students are bound by the degree course rules and course structure.

Before selecting units

  • Read the unit description, outcomes, assessment and contact hours.
  • Check that you meet the prerequisites.
  • If you choose to enrol in a Research Paper, contact the Unit Coordinator, Assist/Prof Tracey Atkins, to arrange a supervisor.

How do I select my units?

  • Use the UWA Handbook to browse through the units offered in your course.
  • Law units have four letters - LAWS and four numbers, such as LAWS5210 or LAWS5507.
  • Should you wish to select an option/elective unit that is not listed as part of the course structure, a Special Approval form needs to be completed and sent to the Arts and Law Student Office for review. Core units cannot be substituted or taken cross-institutionally.

Teaching Periods and Census Date

  • Check the teaching period and census dates for the unit you wish to enrol in.  The teaching period and census date is located in the UWA Postgraduate Handbook under the heading AVAILABILITY, Non-standard teaching period on the unit details webpage.   For instance, LAWS5227 Foundations of Law and Governance non-standard teaching periods for 2016 are TS-D-1E and TS-D-5A. 


  • The venue and time for each unit is located in the UWA Postgraduate Handbook under the heading OFFERING (See Timetable).