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For more information please contact the Global Learning Office.

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Travel, network and develop life skills – all for credit! Take advantage of the global learning opportunities available to you, including student exchange, independent study abroad and UWA units that can be taken overseas.

    There are a range of academic and career outcomes that are made possible by studying abroad, but your own personal outcomes are the most invaluable of all. From the the people you meet, to personal growth and self-awareness. You will discover a new sense of independence and confidence from getting out of your comfort zone and immersing yourself in new customs and cultures.

    Student Exchange

    The UWA Student Exchange Program allows you to spend one or two semesters studying at one of the 170 various partner institutions. You remain enrolled at UWA and continue to pay your tuition fees at UWA, but pay no tuition fees at the host university. Student exchange is available to all undergraduate, postgraduate and international students.

    Short-term programs at partner institutions

    If you prefer to study at a University with which we do not have a partnership, this is possible under Study Abroad - but you will need to take a leave of absence from your UWA course.

    Study Abroad may include specialised programs arranged by Faculties or a study program arranged independently by students according to their choice. As no exchange agreement is in place, tuition and other fees may apply.

    The Faculty of Arts offers field trips or short courses in the following countries for Study Abroad:

    How to apply

    The Global Learning Office at UWA provides detailed information on exchange programs, and will be able to answer all your questions about how to apply and application deadlines.