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If you haven't done so already, you need to re-enrol online through studentConnect using your Pheme credentials. Make sure you enrol in units for both semesters of the academic year.

To help you make your choices, visit the UWA Handbook for unit codes and availabilities, as well as the Timetables website to see how your potential study plan could be scheduled. Your timetable is important because you will need to attend a number of lectures, tutorials and workshops for each unit, however the Timetables website will not register you for these classes. For this you will need to use the Class Allocation System (CAS) after you have enrolled online. If you are unable to find information for your unit on CAS or the timetable, contact our Student Office.

If you need a refresher on how to register for classes you may find the CAS information and video guide provided by Student Services helpful.

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Life as a UWA Student

Being a university student can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We take your experiences seriously and facilitate a multitude of opportunities to help you make the most of university life. We encourage you to seek out every opportunity to connect with others and make your experience a memorable one.

Arts Practicum
Arts Practicum

Arts Practicum is an opportunity to gain work experience while applying the skills you have developed through your Bachelor of Arts degree in a supervised workplace project.

Guild Volunteering
Guild Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to gain valuable experience, meet new people, and expand your professional networks. Guild Volunteering coordinates a wide range of volunteering opportunities on the UWA campus and in the local community.

Get Global
Get Global

You could immerse yourself in a different culture and language whilst developing invaluable life skills ? and all for credit. There is a wide range of global learning opportunities available to you, including student exchange, independent study abroad and UWA units that can be taken overseas.

Scholarships and Awards

  • Scholarships - Designed to help you reach your full potential.
  • Prizes - Gain recognition for your academic achievements while at UWA
  • Study Abroad - Planning to study abroad? You may be eligible for loans and scholarships.

Policies, Assessments and Exams

You can find more information regarding policies, assessments and exams here.



If you are reading this, it is probably because you have completed, or are about to complete your course. To have your degree awarded from UWA, you must apply to graduate.

If you have any queries regarding your course completion, please contact us.

Next Steps

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

A challenging and rewarding year of additional study. It enables you to extend your knowledge in your area of specialisation through higher-level coursework subjects and an independent research project under the guidance of an academic supervisor.

  Postgraduate Coursework

Explore our postgraduate degree options. Whether you are looking to expand your horizons and career prospects or looking to diversify specialisations through further coursework, UWA offers a range of postgraduate study options designed to meet your background and interests.

  Postgraduate Research

A graduate research degree provides a unique opportunity to explore an area of personal interest, and involves a project of supervised but independent enquiry at an advanced level, resulting in the submission of a research thesis (or equivalent production) to be examined by experts in the field.


A UWA degree opens doors to a wide range of careers.

- Careers Centre
  Will help you develop and manage your employability skills.

- CareerHub
  Employment opportunities, events, workshops and more.

- Myfuture
  Australia?s national career information and exploration service.


We are committed to helping our alumni build and strengthen connections with fellow graduates and the University.