Timetable and classes

Be in the right place at the right time for lectures, laboratories and tutorials by registering and checking your timetables online.

When are my classes?

Timetable information is available on each unit via the Handbook, or can be searched on the Central Timetable website.

Prior to each semester, students have the opportunity to select preferences for certain units with multiple class time options available. This is done through the Class Allocation System.

Note: you must be enrolled in units before you can select your tutorial, lab or studio preferences. For deadlines and key dates, check the CAS website.

Attending Classes

Attendance is required at all studios, tutorials and workshops. These are the primary means of consultation with your Unit Coordinator and Teaching Assistants. Do not expect questions relating to content missed through unjustified absence to be answered. Additionally, it will be assumed that students have read all relevant course materials.

In particular with design assessments, we need to be able to establish the authenticity and authorship of your work. For this reason, the minimum requirement for attendance is defined as no less than half the number of tutorials or studio sessions which are contributing, in process and development, to a submission.

Some units will have assessment components that relate to participation in tutorials each week, so you should always read the unit outline carefully. If you miss a class for circumstances


Clashes in timetabling

Timetabling restraints may mean that you cannot undertake all your selected units this semester.

Enquiries regarding clashes should be directed through askUWA, or you can contact the Front Desk reception.