Policies and forms

Students should familiarise themselves with policies regarding student enrolments, assessments and progress.

Academic conduct
the University strongly supports teaching and learning that promotes academic literacy and ethical scholarship.
these policies relate to academic conduct and the steps you need to take if you want to ask for special consideration or a re-assessment.
Avoid plagiarism
the best way to avoid plagiarism in essay writing is to get into the habit of distinguishing your own work from that by other people.
Credit for prior study
you may be eligible for credit for previous tertiary studies.
we provide guidance regarding the timely completion of assignment work, time mismanagement and computer malfunctions.
you are responsible for ensuring you are enrolled correctly with the appropriate prerequisites or have applied for special approval or leave.
you may apply for an extension in exceptional circumstances.
Professional experience
students must complete at least 16 weeks of professional experience.
Results and progress status
we allocate each student a progress status based on their results at the end of each year ? you can be suspended, excluded or placed on probation for unsatisfactory progress.
Safety and Health Manual
important information on occupational safety and health that every student should read and follow.