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UWA offers you online access to effectively manage your enrolment.

Are you a new student enrolling in a course for the first time? Please head to the Unistart website for step-by-step information on enrolling into your course.

If you require further advice on what units to select, contact the Business School Student Centre.

Changing your enrolment

In the majority of cases, you can change your enrolment online through studentConnect. For further details, including relevant cut-off dates, consult the teaching periods, census and withdrawal dates.

Credit for previous study

If you wish to receive credit towards your current degree based on previous study, either from UWA or another approved institution, you will need to apply for advanced standing. Submit your completed advance standing form along with transcripts (if not from UWA) to the Business School Student Centre for consideration.

Cross-institutional study

UWA Students

If you would like to study on a cross-institutional basis, you will need to complete a cross-institutional approval form. Submit your completed form along with a brief outline of the unit(s) you intend to study to the Business School Student Centre for approval in person or via askUWA.

Non-UWA students

Students undertaking an award course at another institution can apply to undertake units at UWA for credit towards their degree on a cross-institutional basis. Students have to submit a cross-institutional admission enrolment form to Student Administration via askUWA.

Deferring your studies

If you are planning to take time off and are not enrolled for any part of the academic year, you will need to apply for approved leave. To apply, you will need to submit an application online via studentConnect.

Invalid unit

When you enrol online in a unit and it is identified as invalid, visit the Business School Student Centre or email us via askUWA. A unit may be invalid when you enrol on studentConnect because:
  • you have not fulfilled the prerequisites to be permitted to be enrolled in that unit;
  • you are not permitted to do the unit in your current course; or
  • your qualifications or advanced standing details are not recorded on studentConnect.

Invalid units are normally followed up automatically by the Business School Student Centre and you will be advised whether you can continue with the unit, or if you need to choose a different unit.

Transferring courses


To transfer to another course at UWA, you must apply online via studentConnect by the transfer date.


There is no transfer process for postgraduate courses. If you wish to change your course, you will need to ‘Apply for a course’ online via studentConnect. Contact the Business School Student Centre for further advice.


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