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Over the past 40+ years the Graduate Management Association (GMA) has grown with The University of Western Australia and the Western Australian business community.

The Graduate Management Association was formed in 1976 by MBA graduates of Graduate Management School, University of Western Australia.

The motivation that led to the formation of the GMA was, firstly to maintain contacts and friendships made through the MBA programs, and secondly to continue relationships developed with the staff of UWA. Following the development of the UWA Business School, the membership was extended to include all postgraduate programs within the faculty.

The GMA also felt that it was in the interest of the graduates to ensure that the Business School postgraduate degrees received the broadest possible recognition and conveyed an image of professionalism and excellence. Our members continue to build a solid reputation for governance, managerial excellence, community service and increasing value to a wide range of organisations.

Our objectives continue to be:


To provide graduates and students with convenient and stimulating networking opportunities including mechanisms which enable them to maintain beneficial contacts with the alumni and the business community in general.


Professional development

To provide a range of high quality professional development opportunities either directly or indirectly for graduates and students that identify future or cutting edge issues.



In close co-operation with UWA Business School, to provide a well-respected and influential contribution to the development of postgraduate Masters and Doctoral programs in order to maintain the status and quality of the postgraduate programs for past and future graduates.


To raise the profile of UWA Business School, its students, graduates and its postgraduate degrees amongst the membership, wider alumni, UWA, business community and general public.


As of March 2018, fees for all GMA membership categories have been waived.

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