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Check out a full list of clubs available at The University of Western Australia.

Why not enhance your university experience by getting involved with a student group or club on campus?

At the Business School we have a number of vibrant and active faculty societies that you can join and contribute to the social and educational activities of the school. You could work on an entrepreneurial community project, assist with the organisations of a career seminar, plan social outings become an executive member and even run for president one day.  

Joining a student group can help you transition into university life, build and extend your professional and personal networks, put your business skills to practice, make new friends and have fun!

Some of our popular groups and clubs are listed below:

  1. ECOMS (Economics and Commerce Student Society)
  2. FAWA (Finance Association of Western Australia)
  3. SMIF (Student Managed Investment Fund)
  4. MARKAM (The Marketing and Management Association of UWA)
  5. UWACS (UWA Consulting Society)
  6. Enactus
  7. Bloom
  9. UWA Women in Business
  10. Postgraduate Business Club
  11. 180 Degrees Consulting (180DC)
  12. Australia-China Youth Association
  13. GMA (Graduate Management Association)
  14. UWA MBA Case Cub
  15. UMSSC (UWA MBA Student Social Club)

ECOMS (Economics and Commerce Student Society)

Official Business School Faculty Society

ECOMS LogoECOMS is an established student society which was established in 1949. Originally the ‘Economics Students Club’, it was strictly an education-based society, focusing upon the discussion and study of economic theory in practice. In its present form ECOMS is the official guild affiliated faculty society within the Business School, and ensures representation for students of all commerce disciplines.

ECOMS offers everything from careers events to social nights out. In addition, it ensures that students have adequate representation on the relevant Business School boards and committees.

As a faculty society, all commerce students are automatically members of the society. However, in order to gain access to everything on ECOMS (e.g. discounted prices for events all year), you need to pay a small membership fee.

For more information:

ECOMS Website
ECOMS on Facebook
Contact for membership
Sponsorship  (Vice President, Business)
Student Representation

FAWA (Finance Association of Western Australia)


FAWAThe Finance Association of Western Australia (FAWA) was founded in 2009 at the University of Western Australia (UWA) and has quickly grown into one of the most established and recognised student run organisations at the university.

At FAWA, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and drive. We aim to become the most active finance and business related club in Australia in developing the professional skills and employability of our members.

Through our diverse and growing number of events, workshops, competitions and interactive seminars, including our annual Business Breakfast and Women’s Corporate Cocktail, FAWA provides a stimulating environment for interaction between like-minded students intent on exploring career opportunities available in the commercial realm. FAWA’s current sponsors include Azure Capital, Argonaut, BCG, The CFA Society Perth, Citi, EY, Finsia, Goldman Sachs, Macquarie and UBS.

For more information:

FAWA Website
FAWA on Facebook
Contact for membership and sponsorship

SMIF (Student Managed Investment Fund)


Student Managed Investment FundUWA Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) is an initiative unique to UWA where like minded students have the opportunity to collaborate and learn collectively about investing and trading financial securities. Run independently by a group of ambitious and driven students, SMIF hopes to enhance and add value to the education provided at UWA by hosting events tailored for those with a keen interest in trading and the financial markets as a whole.

Since its inauguration, the club has already succeeded on many platforms by winning Best New Club at UWA (2014) and establishing a live trading fund. SMIF hopes to reach even greater heights in the future, through adding more value to our members.

SMIF hosts a range of events including
•    Capital Investment Series
•    Trade-a-thon (hours of trading on active markets using virtual funds!)
•    Career development seminars
•    Bloomberg Aptitude Tests
•    Networking Sundowners

SMIF Members receive access to our monthly newsletter, workshop slides and discounts to all our events!

For more information:

SMIF Website
SMIF Facebook
Email SMIF


MARKAM (The Marketing and Management Association of UWA)


MARKAMThe Marketing and Management association of UWA (MARKAM), is the first of its kind, student run society, based at the University of Western Australia. We aim to help students further their studies, their careers and employment prospects. Our mission is to join partnerships with experienced companies and organisations within the industry to benefit the students who are a part of the society, by offering careers advice and opportunities. In doing this, professionals from the Marketing and Management industry are invited in to discuss their work and offer insight into a career in these two particular fields.

For more information:

MARKAM Facebook page



UWACS (UWA Consulting Society)


UWA Consulting SocietyUWA Consulting Society (UWACS) is the UWA’s only Consulting Student Club. UWACS aims to develop its members through professional development and the release of opportunities via a range of events and programs hosted by some of the most prestigious companies in Perth. UWACS are a multi-faculty society with student members spanning from all faculties at UWA. UWACS hold educational, social and networking events during the year, as adding value to our members is our primary focus.

Our 2015 sponsors include: Accenture, AT Kearney, Azure Consulting, Bain and Company, BCG, EY, L.E.K Consulting and PwC. 

For more information:

UWACS Website
UWACS Facebook



EnactusEnactus mission and vision: To use the positive power of business to make real, sustainable social change.

Enactus is an international, student-run, non-profit organisation present in over 39 countries around the world, engaging students from over 1500 universities. Students from participating universities form teams on their university campuses and apply business concepts to develop sustainable social enterprises that improve the lives of people within their local and global community.  

The Enactus UWA team have won the Australian Enactus National Championships is 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and came runner up in 2013 and 2014. They have also participated in the Enactus World Cup (competing against teams from across the world) in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

Enactus UWA currently run three social enterprises which target various issues found in Perth, across Australia and around the world. To find out more about Enactus UWA's current social enterprise portfolio, visit their website:
To get involved, sign up now at

For more information:

Enactus Website
Enactus UWA website
Enactus on Facebook
Contact for membership and sponsorship: Nancy Zheng (Co-President)



ProfectusBloom is a club for people who want to create things and change the world! If you have an idea for an awesome business, or a way that you would like to give back through a charity (or even a combination of both – a social enterprise), Bloom can help you get up and running. We run a bunch of interesting workshops, competitions and social events to create a vibrant and creative community of young entrepreneurs.

Innovation Hub

Bloom’s latest project is the Innovation Hub, a free co-working space for young entrepreneurs based just across the road from campus. If you need a space to work from while launching your business or organisation, this place is the perfect spot. Students and recent graduates work in this lovely office, creating cool new products and services. Don’t compete with 100’s of other students for a boring graduate job, create your own while you’re still at uni! (even if you want a boring old graduate job, there’s no easier way to demonstrate business experience than to have started your own!)
Everything we do is free, including becoming a member.

For more information:

Bloom website
Bloom Facebook


AIESECAIESEC is a youth-run social enterprise that gives students the opportunity to learn and grow in a practical work environment. AIESEC exists in over 120 countries and provide students with the opportunity to experience the world through their unique international volunteering and professional development programs.

Through these global volunteering and internship programs, AIESEC aims to foster rapport between cultures and ultimately, peace and the fulfillment of humankind's potential.

For more information:

AIESEC Website
AIESEC on Facebook
Contact for membership

UWA Women in Business

UWA Women in Business club logo 

We are a new club that has just been affiliated to the Societies Council. The club is currently in its early stage, having just launched fully this semester. The aims of the club are: facilitating gender balance in the corporate sector and empowering through equipping, inspiring and collaborating.

The club is for both undergraduate and postgraduate (including MBA) students, it is for students of business and commerce courses and also for students from outside the Faculty of Business with an interest in the corporate sector.

Postgraduate Business Club

Postgraduate Business Club logo

UWA Postgraduate Business Club is the University of Western Australia’s only postgraduate business driven student club. The UWA Postgraduate Business Club aims to develop its members through personal and professional development opportunities. This is done via a range of networking, recruitment and mentoring opportunities available to the club’s members. We aim to work with some of the most prestigious companies globally.

180 Degrees Consulting (180DC)

180 Degrees Consulting (180DC) club logo

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest non-profit student-driven consultancy. Our mission is to strengthen the ability of socially conscious organizations to achieve high impact social outcomes through the development of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions.

Teams of university students completing studies in relevant fields work throughout the year with worthwhile organizations to identify and overcome specific challenges they are facing. This process is mutually beneficial. Organizations are assisted in the development of innovative, sustainable and practical solutions. At the same time, students are able to contribute to their communities, apply their university studies in a practical environment, and develop valuable life skills.


Australia-China Youth Association

Australia-China Youth Association logo

ACYA is a vibrant community of young Australians and Chinese interested in promoting cross-cultural understanding and developing lasting friendships, academic and business partnerships, and professional and educational opportunities. With hundreds of events annually across Australia and China, unique internship, study, and volunteer opportunities, a diverse range of publications, and over 5000 members, ACYA is the first port of call for anyone interested in Australia and China.

GMA (Graduate Management Association)


The GMA is open to current postgraduate students and alumni, and works to ensure that Business School postgraduate degrees received the broadest possible recognition and convey an image of professionalism and excellence. Our members continue to build a solid reputation for governance, managerial excellence, community service and increasing value to a wide range of organisations.

For more information:

GMA website

UWA MBA Case Club


For updates and continued information please join the Facebook Group UWA MBA Case Club and/or the LinkedIn group UWA MBA Case Club.  You may register to attend the case club weekly sessions on LinkedIn or Facebook, as the main presentations include catering it would be great if you register on your Student LMS site under the UWA MBA Case Club tab – you are however always welcome to just turn up on the night.

UMSSC (UWA MBA Student Social Club)


For updates and continued information please join the Facebook Group UWA MBA Student Social Club and/or the LinkedIn group UWA MBA Student Social Club.  Some events require registering however others are open and you are welcome to just turn up on the night.

Check out a full list of clubs available at The University of Western Australia