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 UWA Business School student on exchange at the University of Calgary

At the UWA Business School, we encourage all our students to explore options of studying and working overseas. You can experience new cultures, collaborate with students from around the world and learn about international business – all while gaining credit towards your degree!

How can you gain international experience?

Do you want to gain credit towards your UWA degree while studying overseas? Would you like to take part in an international internship at the same time? Do you want to study overseas for a few weeks, or a semester, or a year?

Choose the best program for you:Study overseas with UWA Business School!

If you are considering undertaking international study that will be credited towards your UWA degree, you may be are eligible to apply for different types of funding assistance. These include:

Student Exchange

The UWA Student Exchange Program allows UWA students to spend one or two semesters studying at one of the University’s various partner institutions. In exchange, UWA hosts incoming students from our partner universities around the world. Students remain enrolled at UWA and continue to pay their tuition fees at UWA, but pay no tuition fees at the host university.

UWA Business School student on exchange at University of Copenhagen

There are many associated benefits with an international study experience, including the opportunity to:

  • Study units/subjects that are not available at UWA
  • Study at another top quality institution
  • Gain a global perspective
  • Experience the social benefits of making new friends, becoming more independent and seeing the world

Check out the video of one of our fabulous exchange partners: Queen’s University, Canada!

For more information about Student Exchange and where you can choose to study, visit the website and/or contact the team at the Global Learning Office

students on exchange

“Exchange forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and be independent in a foreign city. I left Berlin a more open minded and confident person, with friends and experiences that I know will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Carly Fazioli, BCom and Dip of Modern Languages. Humboldt University, Germany, Sem 2 2015

"Being in Hong Kong, I finally understand why people love it. Not only is it a great balance between both the Chinese and Western cultures, but it is a place where people all over the world gather and travel together. It is guaranteed that you would have a cultural exchange with more than just the Chinese culture and I strongly recommend this serene, yet buzzing, country."

Sean Teh, BCom. University of Hong Kong, Sem 2 2016

“The best decision I made during my undergraduate degree was to go on Student Exchange. I had an incredible time and it opened up a whole new world of opportunities, both socially and for my career.”

Broderick Moncrieff, BCom and Diploma of Modern Languages. Copenhagen Business School, Sem 1, 2014.

Study Abroad: Short-term international options

A range of programs are offered by our various partners and are available at different times of the year. All these programs are taught in English and participants from UWA are eligible to apply for a study abroad scholarship.

Some of our most popular programs are the ones offered in conjunction with the Perth USAsia Centre and the United States Studies Centre, Sydney.

The LA Placement Program is unlike anything that has been offered to our students before. Over the summer break, our senior undergraduate students will be able to combine study at one of the top US universities, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), as well as put their leadership skills and business acumen into practice by undertaking an internship at a leading organisation. Placements have included: Cappello Capital, ROAR Asia Pacific, QANTAS, City of Santa Monica, Guggenheim Partners and Tourism Australia.

Another program offered in conjunction with the United States Studies Centre is the UCLA Study Abroad program. This program runs from July to August each year. It gives undergraduate students the opportunity to live and study at UCLA as well as immerse themselves in the US culture and events, adding an invaluable international dimension to their degree.

Other short-term international options for our students include (but are not limited to):

MBA students in China

“I really enjoyed the experience and have made lifelong friends and would definitely recommend it to others. The best experience of my life to date.”

Zoe Bodycoat, Burgundy School of Business program, 2013

** Students interested in these programs will need to attend a one-on-one interview and meet minimum academic requirements. Please contact the Business School Student Centre for more information.

There are also a number of language majors that offer overseas study as optional units as well; these include German, Italian, Indonesian and French.

Note: All programs require approval from the Business School prior to students' participation.

MBA students in India

MGMT5618 International Study Program: Mumbai 2016

MBA students also have the option to gain an international experience for credit as part of their degree.

The study tour – Doing Business in India – is a short customised program run by the Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, University Mumbai, in collaboration with the UWA Business School. The program aims to cater to the needs of international communities who seek to understand India, Indian businesses and the opportunities of doing business in India.

The program runs from October to November 2016 – for more information, please download the flyer.

Independent Study Abroad

Students who would like to study at a reputable institution which does not currently have a partnership agreement with UWA or offer a short-term program are able to apply directly to the external institution as a study abroad student. Students are required to cover their own expenses, and the choice of institution is subject to approval and should be discussed with a student advisor BEFORE you apply to the host institution or pay any fees.

Students have attended summer (UWA winter) sessions at places such as the London School of Economics and Harvard University.

Overseas internshipsUWA Business School students completing internships

These internships are open to undergraduate students (local and international) who are looking to add a unique work experience to their CV and enhance their degree studies.

Participants have completed internships in finance companies in London, marketing firms in China and human resources positions in Hong Kong!

Students can also undertake these internships as part of the requirement for the unit BUSN3348 Business Practicum and gain credit towards their degree.

The Business School is partnered with a number of different internship providers including CRCC Asia.

Volunteering abroad

Volunteer abroad and make a positive difference to a community in need. By volunteering overseas, you can gain cross-cultural competencies, learn teamwork skills, and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Find out more by contacting AIESEC UWA, a student-run organisation that are committed to ensuring that as many young people as possible develop their cross-cultural understanding and leadership skills through their range of exchange programs and on campus events and activities. Find out more about the AIESEC vision, you’ll be inspired.

“Going on exchange to Poland with AIESEC has given me the opportunity to explore new cultures first hand and gave me the chance to develop both my personal and professional skills.”

Dennis Jatamatama, AIESEC exchange, 2012

Note: This program will not give you credit towards your UWA degree.

EU-AU Double Degree Program (SCRIBE21)

StrasbourgThe UWA Business School is taking part in a new European-Australian double degree program (SCRIBE21) for our Master of Commerce students. If you’re a successful applicant, you’ll complete your first year of study at UWA and your second year at one of three prestigious European universities in France, Italy, or Hungary. Upon graduation, you’ll be awarded two Master’s degrees – one each from UWA and your chosen institution - giving you an impressive advantage in pursuing your career goals.

This fantastic opportunity includes specialised study options, three months of work placement in Europe, and study sessions in six different destinations across the globe. The program focuses on entrepreneurship, international management, diversity and ethics in an international context, all taught in English.

Students will also receive generous stipends for travel and living expenses, with the support of $1 million in funding from the Australian Government and European Commission. Learn more here.

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