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Workshops, Laboratory and Technical Booking



All general correspondence:

Manager: Matt Arpin
Office: G35(Maths Link Building, Building 223)
Phone: +61 8 6488 1806

Technical Team Leader (Technical and Safety): Dianne King
Phone: +61 8 6488 1355

Electronic workshop
Team Leader: Jonathan Brant
Office:  G.60A (Building 224)
Phone: +61 8 6488 3462

General workshop
Workshop Chief Technician: Mark Henderson
Office: G.60B (Building 224)
Phone: +61 8 6488 3065

The Faculty's highly qualified and experienced workshop team provides support to the University's teaching and research laboratories at a competitive rate. 

The well-equipped workshops have all of the the necessary provisions for the design, build and maintenance of complex research and training equipment.


General workshop servicesFaculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics workshop facilities

  • Engineering design     
  • Full machining service including turning, milling, surface and cylindrical grinding
  • Bench fitting and testing
  • Consultation
  • High pressure pipe work installation and testing (including hard and soft soldering)
  • MIG & TIG welding including stainless steel and aluminum
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Plastic fabrication and welding
  • Anodising aluminium
  • General carpentry
  • Ultra high vacuum assembly and maintenanceFaculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics Electronic workshop
  • CAD/CAM design and machining
  • Spray painting
  • Automotive modifications, fabrication reassembly
  • Project management

Electronic workshop services

  • Diagnostics
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) design
  • PCB production
  • PCB assembly
  • Small scale surface mount assembly
  • Surface mount reworkFaculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics lift simulator
  • Electrical and electronic equipment repair
  • Electronic equipment manufacture
  • PC hardware maintenance

Teaching Technician services

  • Engineering design
  • Consultation
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Project management
  • Final year project assistance
  • Unit lab assistance (set-up and lab facilitation)
  • Research assistance
  • ChemAlert assistance

Job requests


  1. If required, a free 15 minute consultation with a Chief Technician can be arranged prior to submitting a job request.
  2. All work requests must be submitted via the General and Electronic job request form or the Technician and Laboratory Request Form.
  3. Once the form is received, the Chief Technician will assess the job request and, if necessary, contact you to further discuss your requirements.  In all other cases you will be emailed with a job number, an estimate of cost and a projected work commencement date.  


 It is important that you provide as much detail as possible, including:

  • Accurate technical drawings (when you are not using the workshop design service)
  • Clear drawings or sketches if you are using the workshop design service
  • As much information as possible regarding materials specifications 

Client updates

The Chief Technicians monitor all workshop jobs and have records of all tasks carried out.  A job sheet is available on request. Weekly or monthly progress updates will be shared for all jobs that require more than two weeks' work.

Charging policy

15 minutes of free consultation is available before a job commences. Consultation time thereafter will be chargeable at the following rates:

  • Work related to teaching units: $50 per hour
  • Internal Faculty work: $75 per hour
  • External work: $90 per hour

NB: three different tiers of charge exist according to the nature of the client and the work.

The workshop Chief Technicians provide estimates of job costs rather than quotes.  This is due to the research nature of much of the work we carry out.  A new estimate will be provided if variations to the job are required. 

All jobs are to be assigned to a business unit and project grant before works can commence.  The manager, or their approved signatory of the project grant must approve its usage for all charges related to the job via email.

All workshop work will be charged monthly - usually by way of an internal funds transfer processed by the Faculty’s Finance team.