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To celebrate our outstanding network and excite the UWA Engineers of the future, the Faculty has launched a new ‘Engineering Red Jacket’ initiative that aims to recognise and unite our community of UWA Engineers around the world.

The Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences is proud to recognise you as a member of its highly influential and successful network. We invite you to purchase your Engineering Red Jackets which are available to current students, recent graduates and alumni who have undertaken studies in engineering at the University of Western Australia.Red Jacket

Wear them around campus with pride to identify yourself as an engineering student and then after your studies at reunions and wherever you are in the world, to keep you connected to the UWA community for years to come. 

We look forward to seeing our students and alumni wearing their Engineering Red Jackets around the UWA campus and at graduate and alumni events all over the world!   

How to join the Community

To purchase your red jacket at the subsidised price of $40.00 and become connected to the Engineering community please click here.