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Academic dishonesty


Further information

All students enrolling at UWA for the first time are required to complete Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE).

Academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, is covered by the University's guidelines on academic conduct.

Academic dishonesty or misconduct includes:

  • Cheating in tests or examinations. For example, copying from another student, or taking unauthorised materials into the test or examination room.
  • Plagiarism, that is, presenting another's work as though it were one's own, for instance quoting or paraphrasing someone else's opinions, arguments or research findings, whether published or unpublished, without clear acknowledgement of the source. (No source need be given for commonly accepted matters of fact.)
  • Falsifying results of experiments or research studies.
  • Collusion. For example, writing an assignment jointly and submitting it as the work of one individual unless it is clearly designated a group project.
  • Helping someone else to commit any dishonest act such as those listed above.

The consequences for misconduct can be severe, including exclusion from the University.