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It is your responsibility to check when your exams are held - by logging into studentConnect and checking your timetable.

The Current Students website contains detailed information on results, mark reviews and appeals, deferred examinations (Student Services provides information on special consideration), exam clashes, exam papers and rules and who to contact for further examination enquiries.

If you require a calculator during your exam, please see our calculator policy which details approved calculators. All calculators used in exams must have an "approved calculator" sticker.

  1. Review of academic decisions
  2. Students' rights and responsibilities

Review of academic decisions

Under the University Student Rules 43 and 44 a student may appeal against academic decisions relating to them.

The Faculty strongly recommends that students informally discuss their concerns with the relevant unit co-ordinator or academic staff member before lodging a formal request for review, but should note that formal requests for review must be lodged within 5 working days of receipt of the academic decision or informal discussion.

The Faculty is guided by the policy on Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions, which includes definitions of 'Academic Decisions'. 

The existence of a narrow margin between a mark received by a student for an assessment item and a mark that would result in a higher final grade in the unit does not justify a request for review of assessment outcome.

Students should familiarise themselves with the process for lodging a formal request for review and may seek advice from the EMS Student Office about the procedure and policy.

Students' rights and responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of all legislation, policies and procedures relating to their rights and responsibilities as a student. These include:

It is also the student's responsibility to check their enrolment and be aware of relevant policies and procedures.

The Student Guild employs a number of Education Officers who provide information, support and advocacy with a range of academic matters.

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