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The Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences have launched a new initiative to give students greater access to academics during their studies.

Academic Mentoring is an exciting and innovative program that aims to give students:

  • Greater access to qualified and experienced academics, enabling better understanding of their professions.
  • Opportunities to build mentoring relationships with academics, providing advice and guidance.
  • Greater insight into disciplines, in order to help students choose their majors and specialisations.
  • An insight into academic research areas and research as a pathway for students.

    Eligibility and Role of the Student Mentee

    • Preference will be given to students who have commenced undergraduate or postgraduate study in the current academic year.
    • Drive the mentoring relationship by arranging meetings and preparing questions and topics to discuss.
    • Be open minded and willing to learn.
    • Share details of interests, strengths, passions and career goals.

    Register your interest

    How do I register?

    When will I know who my mentor is and how will I know when to begin?

    • The Student Office will assign an academic to the student and then the student will be advised of their mentor details. It will then be up to the student to initiate the first meeting.