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The Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences currently offers a small number of IML units. IML units are equivalent to semester-length units, but are delivered over a compressed timeframe of eight weeks. Contact time is usually scheduled for one full day or two half-days each week. All assessment is completed within the eight weeks.

IML units offer you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a subject, trial a different approach to learning, and potentially complete one of your units earlier in semester. The full-day format may also help you to manage your time more effectively.

If you enroll in one of these units, then you need to be prepared to engage early and attend all of the classes. The pace is accelerated and the workload is concentrated. You will need strong organisational and time management skills.

The majority of IML units are delivered during the first eight weeks of semester and are elective units.

Student feedback on IML

The views expressed below have been taken from EMS student feedback on the units.


  • ‘This, in my 5 years of university, has definitely been the most rewarding type of unit and if more units were offered in this way I would take them.’
  • ‘Learning snippets of information over the span of 13 weeks grows tiresome. Intensive units move a little faster and promote rapid learning’
  • ‘The unit is covered within a shorter time period allowing us to have more time to focus on other units later on.’
  • ‘It allowed me to "get in the zone" with the material. I felt I could pick up the concepts more quickly because I learnt theory and did tutorial problems in the same day.’
  • ‘I like that a lot of information is given in one day (too much to take in) so you can go away and digest all through the week, rather than only learning a little bit and having to wait for the next bit. It makes it easier to study in your own time.’
  •  ‘It's a lot more convenient for me as I live 45 mins from campus.’
  • ‘I enjoyed the fact that everyone came.’


  • ‘This format of doing intensive units with regular units is equivalent to overloading.’
  • ‘It can be more stressful for students to take units in this format.’
  • ‘It is very difficult to digest all the information in such a short space of time.’
  • ‘Towards the end of the day it was hard to concentrate on the task at hand.’
  • ‘Very hard to catch up if a day is missed due to unforeseen circumstances.’
  • ‘I have been at uni for more than 5 years so I know how to manage my time when it comes to getting work done, but I have never been as under the pump as I have been for the last two weeks.’
  • ‘I have not been able to manage my time wisely and catered too much time to this unit. At the expense of my results in the other regular units.’