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UWA Law School has an ongoing commitment to the health, welfare and safety of all of our students.  We believe small steps can make a big difference. With this in mind, we have developed 'Regroup, Reset, Recharge'. This initiative shares resources to assist students to maintain physical and emotional health throughout their studies.



Regroup encourages students to connect with their support systems.  Whether that be family, friends, peers, staff or counseling services. 


Taking time to step away from the pressures and stresses of Law School can make a real difference.  Like the ALLY sign, the RESET sign is used in the Law School to indicate to students that an office is a safe space where you can talk to a member of staff.  Whilst staff cannot assist with counseling or special considerations, they are there to lean on and to guide students  towards other support services where needed.



Recharge supports students in maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We all know a healthy body equals a health mind.  With that in mind,Walking Wednesday commenced in 2018 and more initiatives will follow.