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The Faculty allocates progress status categories at the end of each year, taking into account a student's results in all units taken in that year.

Rules in relation to completion of a unit, assessment and examination, including advice of results, missed examinations, appeals and the like are covered by the University General Rules and Faculty Rules.

Satisfactory and unsatisfactory progress

Satisfactory progress is defined as passing units with a point value of at least 50 per cent of the total points value of units in which the student is enrolled (excluding units withdrawn without penalty) plus any approved faculty requirements. A student who has not made satisfactory progress in the course may not re-enrol unless permission is granted by the faculty.

The following abbreviations may appear on your results. The procedures listed must be followed in each case.

    Good Standing

    You have made satisfactory progress and you can enrol for the following academic year.

    OP - On Probation

    You have failed to make satisfactory progress or are returning from suspension but have been granted permission to re-enrol. However, you must see the Associate Dean before re-enrolling and conditions, such as part-time enrolment or minimum load, may apply.

    SU - Suspended

    The first time you fail to make satisfactory progress, you will be suspended for 12 months. We will permit you to automatically return to study following the 12-month period of suspension with a progress status of On Probation.
    If there were exceptional circumstances and you wish to enrol before the 12 month period then you can write to the Dean, outlining your circumstances and how you have addressed them.

    Ex - Excluded

    This is your status the second time you fail to make satisfactory progress and you will not be permitted to re-enrol in the course.

    If you are a combined degree student and wish the Progress Committee to re-consider your progress status in light of exceptional circumstances, you should appeal in writing to the deans of both faculties.

    If you are a law student not enrolled in a combined course but have experienced exceptional circumstances which have affected your performance, you may appeal to the Dean of the Faculty of Law.

    If you have not had your progress status changed due to exceptional circumstances, you may apply for re-admission after 12 months have elapsed since the exclusion. You will need to be within the time limit for completion of your course and if necessary provide supporting documentation. It is important that you do so within the re-enrolment deadlines set by student administration. The decision will be made by the Dean of the Faculty or, in the case of combined course students, in consultation with the other relevant faculty.

    RW - Repeated Withdrawal

    If you withdraw more than once from all units in which you are enrolled you are not permitted to re-enrol in any course of the University without the special approval of the faculty concerned. You are required to obtain the permission of the Dean to re-enrol. Write to the Dean explaining the reasons for your withdrawals.

    RF - Successive Failure in the Same Unit

    If you fail a unit twice you are not permitted to enrol again in that unit unless the faculty approves otherwise.

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    Dissatisfaction with an assessment result and/or progress status

    In the case where there is dissatisfaction with an assessment result and/or progress status, you should refer to the appeals and grievances Current Students My course - appeals webpage

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    Application to re-enrol following exclusion

    If you believe that your case has changed since you were excluded, you may apply to the Faculty to re-enrol in the course after 12 months have elapsed since your exclusion.

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