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Refer to the unit outlines for details on how to contact staff involved in a unit and their office consultation times.

Make sure that before you ask an administrative or content-oriented question that you have attempted to answer the query yourself by checking the unit outline, following the lectures and doing the reading for the relevant classes. LMS or your student email will provide you with information about the administrative arrangements for a unit. Note that emails which do not show that a prior attempt has been made to tackle a question may not be answered by staff.

All students enrolled at UWA are automatically assigned a central student account with an email address.  It is important that you use this email address, as it will be used by the University and the Law School for official correspondence with you such as library notices and information about fees, units and exams.  Be aware that emails from non-university addresses (such as hotmail and yahoo) may not be received due to the University spam filter.  When sending emails make sure you always identify yourself, include details of the unit that the query relates to and the best way for the staff member to contact you.

Sometimes queries (particularly detailed ones) are not easily addressed by email. Staff may indicate that it would be best for you to make a time to see them or that you should visit during their office consultation timeslots.  Also, as staff have responsibilities during semester outside of their teaching, you may find that they may not always be able to respond to student emails more frequently than on a weekly basis.

Finally, staff will always try to treat you with politeness and respect – please try to reciprocate (in emails and in your face-to-face dealings).