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To make "satisfactory progress" you must pass units to the value of at least half the total value of units in which you remained enrolled, after the final date for withdrawal without academic penalty, and comply with the following additional requirements specified by the Faculty.

Satisfactory progress

Bachelor of Education combined degrees and Graduate Diploma in Education students must pass any School Experience (teaching practicum) unit as per Faculty of Education Rules,,, or 5.2.9.

Masters by thesis and coursework/Doctor of Education students must submit a satisfactory annual report in regard to the thesis component of the course, as per Faculty of Education Rules 6.1.1 and 7.2.9


A key to the abbreviations which may appear on your results slip and the procedures which must be followed in each case:

  1. Good Standing
  2. OP: On Probation
  3. SU: Suspended
  4. EX: Excluded
  5. RW: Repeated withdrawal
  6. RF: Successive failure in the same unit

2. OP: On Probation

You are permitted to enrol for the following academic year and conditions may apply.

If you fail to make satisfactory progress, on appeal, you may be granted permission to re-enrol, noting that conditions may be imposed e.g. part time enrolment, minimum load.

3. SU: Suspended

You are excluded from the course for one year. If you fail to make satisfactory progress, you may be suspended from the Faculty for one year, as imposed by the Board of Examiners.

You may appeal the suspension within 20 days following the release of results. An inability to access academic results because of an encumbrance on your accounts (i.e. unpaid fees) is not grounds for an extension of the appeal period.

If you wish to appeal, you should first approach the Deputy Dean to discuss the reason for your unsatisfactory performance. The Deputy Dean will advise you of the formal appeal process if required, or may approve re-enrolment with conditions. The progress status will then be defined as ‘on probation’.

If you wish to apply for re-enrolment after a period of suspension, you are required to apply in writing to the Dean of the Faculty of Education. You must set out the reasons for your poor performance and why you now feel you have a reasonable prospect of improving your performance.

  • Applications should be lodged by the re-enrolment closing date for the year in which readmission is sought.
  • Applications will be considered on merit within the quota for readmission of students who have previously made unsatisfactory progress.
  • No guarantee is given of readmission after a period of suspension.

4. EX: Excluded

You are excluded from further study in the course

An exclusion is generally imposed after a student has already been suspended for a period of time and after readmission has continued with poor performance in the course.

If you wish to appeal this penalty, you should apply to the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education in the first instance who will advise you of the formal appeal process, if required.

Normally you will not be readmitted until the term of exclusion has expired, but the Board of Examiners has empowered the Dean to cancel exclusions in those cases where a student can show that there were extreme mitigating circumstances contributing to an unsatisfactory year.

  • If you believe you are in this category you should phone (+61 8) 6488 2397.
  • You will be required to provide a letter to the Dean setting out the circumstances leading to your unsatisfactory performance.

5. RW: Repeated withdrawal

General Rule 2.1.17 states "students who withdraw more than once from all units in which they are enrolled shall not be permitted to re-enrol in any course of the University without the special approval of the faculty concerned."

You are required to obtain the permission of the Dean to re-enrol. Please forward a letter to the Dean explaining the reasons for your withdrawals.

6. RF: Successive failure in the same unit

General Rule 2.1.28 states that “students who fail a unit twice are not permitted to enrol again in that unit unless the faculty approves otherwise.”

To apply for re-enrolment in the unit concerned, you must lodge a Special Approval form (provided by Student Administration) with the recommendation of the Dean and attach it to your re-enrolment documentation.

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Dissatisfaction with an assessment result and/or progress status.

In the case where there is dissatisfaction with an assessment result and/or progress status, you should consult your Student Office and familiarise yourself with the policy and procedures for the Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students.

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